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Friday, February 10, 2006

What shocks average Canadians

I am starting a list of what is shocking to me and others.

1. A government that spends 51% of their budget on military. Canada gets our military stuff at garage sales...
2. Small kids riding in the car without restraint. Just like we did back in the day...
3. Government corruption. That never happens here. pffft. (It would be a shock if it didn't.)
4. Getting violent over a cartoon or anything else for that matter. Winter is too long for our blood to get that hot.
5. Women change their last names when they get married? Ok, that is only shocking to Quebecers.
6. You can turn right on a red light? Ok, that's only shocking to Montrealers.
7. Jose Theodore has been using hair growth drug for years.
8. Hair growth drug is a banned Olympic substance. (Maybe Sampson was right and got strength from his hair.)
9. It sometimes shocks me how lucky I am to be here.

Please leave comments and tell me what shocks you. Even if you are not Canadian.

be shocked


Arash said...

I would be shocked if Iranian government apologizes Danes because of what happened to their embassy in Tehran.

Barbara said...

Me too.