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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Forget about trying to be. Who am I now?

I was dropping my nephew off at the local arena for hockey camp on my way to work and then it struck me. "who's life did I just borrow?" I don't mind in the least about dropping him off but it made me feel like a hockey mom for a second. There are so many things I am doing now as I live my new life in Toronto that I have never done before. Not radical things. Just things I did not think I was ever going to do. Like commute to work via the 401 or work for a banking institution... Not bad things. I ain't complaining, but it still does not feel like my life yet.
I am sure there are many more new things I will discover about my new life that will give me pause. I will ask myself again and again, is this me? Is this who I am now? Am I in the right place? Should I make a right turn? By and by I am sure I will get to know who I am in this new scene. I'll dig a new rut and get comfy or chose to keep it ever changing.

Plans for the weekend include going to see Lord Of The Rings, the huge production play. I will be accompanied by my niece and nephew.
It's a holiday weekend, I still have more plans to make...

Monday, August 28, 2006

Sunday cruise

There is my party boat!
Oh and that's me looking it over before we board.
We pulled out of the docks on a warm and foggy afternoon.
The CN tower was partially hidden in the dense cloud.

The weather was just beginning to clear as we set sail.

My sister 'J' catching some rays.

'T' and I having drinks down below.
We did mingle.We did drink, but not too much.
We had buffet lunch, but not too much.
We did dance, but not enough.
Laughed and joked and chatted with groups of guys.
I have to quote one funny guy we'll call 'G'
He was sure he had the best pick up line. It went like this
"for you Babe I am going to dial it up Large."
We had a good laugh over that one,
but we could not convince him that was not going to work on any women.
Yeah. We had a lot of laughs like that one.
Those Toronto men...
Some are very nice.
See you at the next singles party maybe...

being good
Barbara W

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Headline: Webcam watcher in U.S. foils robbery in U.K.

I found this item on

Webcam watcher in U.S. foils robbery in U.K.
Last Updated: Friday, August 25, 2006 5:52 PM ET
CBC News
A man in Dallas watching a live webcam set up in the United Kingdom stopped a burglary after spotting thieves trying to break into a store.
The Beatles fan was watching a webcam on Tuesday of Liverpool's Mathew Street, location of the Cavern Club, the club made famous by the band.
On his computer screen, he saw a group of men climbing a ladder and removing property from a store, reports BBC News Online.
He called police in Merseyside County and told them what he saw. Officers went to the scene and arrested three men on suspicion of burglary.
The men were released on bail as the investigation continues.

I got this picture from the CBC Montreal cam

See it pays to watch webcams. I have a few Favorite cams. I look in on Vancouver or Mount St.Helens and sometimes but not lately I look in on wildlife and eagles .
There are zoo cams and city cams and family cams and security cams and traffic cams. You name it and they cam it. What cams do you like?

Don't bother telling me about xrated favorites.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday night.

Tonight I finished work at 8 pm. I knew that my sister was going to be out. My plan was to go home, check my email, then go out and find sushi and bring it back home. I walked along Eglington until I found an open, friendly little sushi restaurant. I believe the name of the place is Tokyo Sushi. The decor was warm and inviting so instead of ordering take out I decided to stay. I was really enjoying the food. I was thinking how much Graham would have enjoyed it too. Then a song starting playing that I associate with him because we played the CD The Carpenters, Singles 1969-1981, many times when he was hospitalized.
It was the Carpenters "Only Yesterday" playing
'Only yesterday when I was sad, and I was lonely.
You showed me the way to leave the past,
and all it's tears behind me.
Tomorrow may be even brighter than today.
Since I threw my sadness away,
Only yesterday.'

I think I have left the tears behind me.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Weekends coming up, quick make plans!

I feel there is a pace in Toronto that I somehow have to try to keep up with.
I have been here about two weeks now and I have gone out to dinner at least three times. I have had two jobs. I have been to one singles event. I went to one movie. Went out bowling and went to a BBQ party. Celebrated my birthday three times and this weekend I am going on a 4 hour cruise with 600 single friends... That's my excuse for not unpacking my stuff yet. Hmmm I did not make plans for Friday after work yet...
So far me and Toronto are getting along just fine.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Aug 22 2006

Graham would have turned 45 today.
Happy Birthday Graham!
Today I flew the kite you gave me for my birthday.
I will love you forever and sustain my strength from your legacy.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I had a good Birthday

I was left alone in my new TO home on my birthday so I made plans.
I went first to a friends house is Mississauga. I had not seen her in a very long time. I had not yet seen her new house she moved into 6 years ago. So I guess it has been awhile. You know when you have a friend you have not seen in a long time but the conversation continues like you chatted yesterday? It's like that. I knew her since she was 5. Her link is on my sidebar.
Getting into the maze of crescents and finding her house challenge was met, so was finding my way out and continuing on to Burlington to see my other sister. I got to my other sisters house and took a nap while soccer matches were played and awards handed out. They are soccer parents you understand... My sister then took me bowling. I have not been bowling on my birthday since I was a little kid. LOL! It was fun. Then we stopped off at the soccer party and got directions to a Lebanese Restaurant. I have a quest to find Shish Taouk in the Toronto area. This was as close as I got so far. In this restaurant they call it shish taook. It's close to the food I am used to. It was also very tasty. La Luna was the name of the restaurant and if you are in Hamilton or Burlington you may want to try it. You will like it.
Then we went back to the soccer party. It was an all day, all night party. Lots of martinis, lots of beer for the adults only of course. Me, I stuck with water. The soccer kids swam in the pool and played in the house while their parents had a good time.
I got to meet lots of interesting soccer parents.
I got to drive my sisters car. It was all good.
I stayed there overnight and found my way back home this morning to my cosy little dungeon with no problem. Now what am I going to do today?

Friday, August 18, 2006

I am my own hero!

Ok that does sound arrogant.
I am all by myself today. My sister took the kids and left for the weekend. My last day of work got cancelled because it was not going to be busy there today. So I was at loose ends.
But I did something today I am very proud of. I went to places in Toronto I was not sure how to get to. First place was my employer Staffworks to pick up my first Ontario paycheque. (or do they call them paychecks here?)
Never having driven there on my own I somehow found it. Since I was there I went and found the same hairdresser I had discovered in the spring when I was here. He is a French Canadian and I get to practice my French with him. I have this fear of loosing my French in one week of only speaking in English. With a new hairstyle and now feeling brave I decided to find the Ikea in Toronto. I only had to ask directions twice. I found it! I shopped there! I bought two things that require assembly! I ate the swedish meatballs while I was there.

I battled rush hour traffic on the 401 and I found my way back home!
Then to top it all off I assembled those two Items all by myself!

Now I am feeling a bit sick from those meatballs I suspect... So no hero sandwiches for me.

being brave.
Barbara W.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Toronto at sunrise...

I took a different route into town today because I needed to pick up a co-worker.
Now I know what it is like to drive on streetcar tracks.. Not fun. But, worth the detour because I came up on Front street from the west and saw the city center in a beautiful sunrise glow. I did not take a picture of it because I was driving. My passenger took a pic with her cell phone. I will pick her up again tomorrow and hand her my camera and hope for another sunrise like that one.
I love working at the convention center. I wish this conference would go on for a lot longer. We knew nothing about anything when we started training on Friday and now we're getting the hang of it. By the time the conference ends this Friday we will have it down pat.

I miss my parents, family, friends and old co-workers, and I even miss my old job.
I get so busy though I forget to contact them. My email still needs fixing so I can do that. My new email address (for those who have my old email address) just replace with and you have my new email address. Then send me an email so I can add you to my new address book. Thanks. That will save me some data entry.

Barbara being busy

Monday, August 14, 2006

Day 6

On day six I already got a raise on the job I will start next Monday...

I also wrote a little post about The AIDS conference on The Stroumboulopouli .

C'est tout pour la moment.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

I will give you a break on 'Toronto day five' and post an photo instead.
I did have a very busy and very interesting day at the convention but I think you need a laugh more...

Barbara being tired...
Update after a nap on day five.

My baker friend Yellow, would be so proud of me. I am making banana bread with chocolate chips while watching all the AIDS coverage tonight on CBC Newsworld. My sister thinks that the banana bread is for dinner. Me, I had salad for dinner.

being good.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Day 4

I got up at 4:30am, drove in the dark for my first time to the Convention center across from the CBC building on Front Street. Found parking. Started day two of volunteer support. Logistics were still being worked out. You can imagine this is the biggest single event the convention center has handled. Over 20000 delegates 3000 press thousands of volunteers and staff. By the end of my shift I was tired. I tried to take a nap, but too many things were running through my head, then I went out to a singles event with my sister tonight. I stayed for a drink. Then went home. Are you kidding I have to get up at 4:30am on Sunday, thru Friday. I am posting this and going to bed. There is no way I am going to the kickoff concert. I like my sleep too much. Day 4 and the pace of TO has tuckered me out.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Toronto day three

Well so far so good.
It was a little chilly this morning. Who says there is no snow in Toronto?

I had a fascinating time at the training day for volunteers of the XVI International AIDS Conference. I can't wait to see what happens the rest of this week. I feel like I am in the centre of the universe right now... LOL
You can check out the Conference via the website or tune to CBC for coverage.
I hear Jian Ghomeshi is going to be there to cover it for Radio One.

Oh by the way, thank you for your good wishes on my job interview because, on the same day I started this one week job, I was also offered that job with the bank through the temp. Agency. How's that for beginners luck? I finish my work at the AIDS conference on the 18th and I can start that job on the 21st... That gives me my birthday off.

Have you ever heard of a traffic calming zone?
In other words... Speed bumps ahead.
In the pace of Toronto I will go slow as I can but it ain't easy.
Look what has happened in just three short days.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

First post

I arrived! Safe and sound and tired and excited and feeling good. I enjoyed the drive much more than I thought I would. I had the birds with me in the front, and 1/3 of my worldly goods in the back.

That's a pic of Gordon and Georgie.

Gordon is blue, Georgie is green.

We stopped as much as we could along the way.

I was smiling and thinking to myself as I drove along that I have never had a ticket, how lucky am I? Then I spotted them. The anonymous van at the side of the road. Radar trap! I slowed down a bit (not that I was speeding or anything). I saw a cop car coming up along the side of me. I was going 110km at the time. Well he pulled in front and stayed there. He set the pace because no one wanted to pass him. So I am still ticket free. Whew! That was the only event along the way of note. Unless you want me name the various road kill I spotted along the way. Umm I can't. They looked like lumps of fur to me.

I have a job interview Thursday. I start another job Friday and I have to go unpack my stuff a bit now. To sum it up, I got to Toronto and I hit the ground running.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Last post

Last post in Montreal...
Have I checked off everything on my list?
Had one last smoked meat. Check
Had a party or three to say goodbye. Check
Emailed people my new address. Check... Let me know if I forgot you...
Made my music mix for the road. Check
Packed a bunch of stuff. ummm sort of, mostly, Check
Wrote my last blog post in Montreal. Checking that off now
Checked all blogs and commented before I leave. I will do that once more before I unplug.
Bought gifts for the people in Toronto.... Oops. I better go shopping.
I still have to teach my Dad to download itunes for my Mum....
You know what is nice? That blogging won't change because I am moving to Toronto. Anything I can find that remains the same I am holding on to like a security blanket. Be secure
Barbara of Montreal soon to be Barbara of Toronto...

Monday, August 07, 2006


I am packing, sorting, listening to Sounds Like Canada and I just added blogging to that list.
Should I pack my sewing kit?
What is the point?
I don't sew.
Well, maybe a button once in blue moon.
I can leave some of my stuff here as my parents will bring it down on their annual trek to Stratford in September...
I will have to come back to Montreal to get my winter tires put back on in the fall.
sorry just rambling some of my lists off...
Leaving my bed and couch here sucks but moving it is another story.
Graham and I had picked out both those pieces of furniture... It's sentimental. I am still sleeping on my side of the bed leaving the other side empty for him... soon I can't do that.

thats all the ramble for now.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I should be getting ready for my farewell and happy birthday party but I am making music mixes for the move to Toronto instead.
I have to have the music ready now, don't I? I could even play it at the party...
Here it is

Feeling Good, Nina Simone {I Put a Spell On You}
King of Spain, Moxy Fruvous {Bargainville}

Montréal-40ºC, Malajube & Pierre Lapointe {Trompe-l'oeil}
The Canadian Dream, Sam Roberts {We Were Born In a Flame}

Basement Apt., Sarah Harmer {You Were Here}
Fille à plumes, Malajube {Trompe-l'oeil}
Goodbye, Patty Griffin {Flaming Red Rock}
Smile, Nat King Cole {The World of Nat King Cole}
Blame It On Me, Barenaked Ladies {Gordon}
Never Been To Spain, Three Dog Night {The Best Of Three Dog Night}
Who Taught You to Live Like That?, Sloan {Who Taught You to Live Like That}
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, K T Tunstall {Eye to the Telescope}

Begin, Ben Lee {Awake Is the New Sleep}
Cup of Tea, Shack {The Corner of Miles and Gil}
It's All Rigth With Me, Avalon {The Whispering Breeze}

and of course
Left and Leaving, The Weakerthans {Left and Leaving}

That's my 401 to Toronto mix.

the CRTC would be so proud of my Canadian content I think I have more than the quota on my mix CD.
You can find all of these on itunes for example, except Avalon (now Avalon Motel) they are so indie you might only be able to find them at HMV in Montreal in the Jazz section. I bought the CD from the singer's (Louise Thibeault) sister.

I am currently unemployed and ready to launch into my new life.
4, 3, 2, 1!

being so brave...

Friday, August 04, 2006

Two more days of work

Saturday is my last day of work at the drugstore. It will be the last time I close the old place up. Then for the first time the gang from work will go out for a beer together. This is historic! I am gonna miss them so much. They are a great bunch of people to work with. If your on the West Island, that Pharmaprix is looking for a new supervisor.

I went shopping last night for work clothes. I had been in a uniform for work for two years now so my wardrobe needed to be updated very badly. Well I bought a lot of black and white outfits. I can't believe how much weight I have lost since the last time I bought dress pants. I am going to miss the workout I get at work too. Maybe while I am in TO I will do a lot of walking to make up for it. I hope that I will be doing a lot of working in any case.

I am so excited and scared and jazzed...

When I get to Toronto I will post a pic of me in my new Toronto work

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Change of plans!
I am going to drive to Toronto one day early. Don't say I didnt warn all the drivers. :-)
I will be going on the 9th because I will be working on the 11th but I need a day to get familiar with the Toronto convention centre so I can direct all those 'new' to Toronto all around the place.
I will be working like a Torontonian too. I will work 9 days in a row non stop. Work work work... :-)
I will be right across from the CBC building so maybe I can drop off my resume live and in person after work.
The only thing that is still scaring me is the driving in a strange city part. I have my big Toronto and area guide book so I hope I am ready for this.