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Monday, August 28, 2006

Sunday cruise

There is my party boat!
Oh and that's me looking it over before we board.
We pulled out of the docks on a warm and foggy afternoon.
The CN tower was partially hidden in the dense cloud.

The weather was just beginning to clear as we set sail.

My sister 'J' catching some rays.

'T' and I having drinks down below.
We did mingle.We did drink, but not too much.
We had buffet lunch, but not too much.
We did dance, but not enough.
Laughed and joked and chatted with groups of guys.
I have to quote one funny guy we'll call 'G'
He was sure he had the best pick up line. It went like this
"for you Babe I am going to dial it up Large."
We had a good laugh over that one,
but we could not convince him that was not going to work on any women.
Yeah. We had a lot of laughs like that one.
Those Toronto men...
Some are very nice.
See you at the next singles party maybe...

being good
Barbara W


Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's one Large boat! Sounds like fun! And you even got to dance.

Barbara said...

We were know on the boat as 'the dancing girls from below'. lol

kees said...

Sounds ace! Boating, drinking, eating, dancing...chatting with Toronto guys!!!

Karen said...

That sounds like so much fun! And just what does "dialing it up large" mean???

Barbara said...

Kees I am going to find more events like that one.
Karen I don't know what he meant. But we made him keep saying it while we told him that it would not work on women...