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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Episode 3 of She Asks

Episode 3. She Asks Mark DeBonis

In episode three written questions are thrown out in favour of clarity. Live and learn.
In this episode stand up comedian and tweet performer Mark DeBonis talks about dealing with spiders and audience difficulties. Is he optimistic? You decide.

His website is called I am not Mark DeBonis

He is a proud part of The Spam Show.

Episode 2 of She Asks

Episode 2. She Asks Sandra Battaglini

Sandra is a stand up comedian, writer and clown. She tells me about her worst experiences and how her job can be therapy.
This is her website

She also does The Spam Show on

Episode 1 of She Asks

 I introduce myself in episode one and I ask the very enthusiastic and energetic actor director comedian writer a few questions about his job.
Here is the first episode of She Asks...  She Asks Phil Luzi

If you would like to know more about Phil here is his website 
The Spam Show  can be found on