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Friday, March 30, 2007

I did it now I'm too frozen to watch

I mentioned on my other blog that I wanted to do my Best Story Ever for The Hour.

It was an exercise in exploring the medium, that aspect of participation, and it was an exercise in exploring my feelings in my grief. My story is about that grief and the hardest day of my life. When I decided to tell this story I was pretty calm about it. It's about Graham and I am very proud about who Graham is and what he means to me. For those who don't know me well. Graham was my boyfriend who passed away 3 years ago in June.

I taped the story 3 dozen times and took it over to The Hour twice, without feeling what I experiencing now. I just saw now that the story has been posted on The Hours website. I saw that, and I ran away... I am frozen. I can't watch.

Where the hell did that brave woman go?

I think I will just ... I don't know...
You can go see it and tell me what you think... go to click on Best Story Ever on the sidebar...

for Graham

Sunday, March 18, 2007

All Moved

If you have ever moved You may recall the stress, the planning, the lists of things forgotten, the things that will break and the 100 things you need to buy for the new place.

I am in the new place now and I still have a lot of that to do.

Which reminds me I better write down the list of things I need to buy as soon as I find where I packed my pens...

A broom for one, then I need to find the part of my vacuum that has motor on it... then a dish drainer thingy... these are all great excuses to not clean up but if I'm going to have a house warming party I should take care of this.

Toilet paper... oh yeah.. I better go shopping again... I wonder where my pen is..

In other news I did a radio interview yesterday.
I will tell you more about it on my other blog in a few days.
It was all about The Hour and George and the blog called The Stroumboulopouli.

be organized?

Monday, March 05, 2007

Unsettled ready to settle

I am on the verge of moving... most of it is packed. Plans are falling into place. Friends are getting their excuses ready... LOL

Don't worry It will only take a few good people.
I can't wait to blog from my new place.

I started a new Temp job last week and it is going well so far. I work for the govt. That's all I am gonna say about that. No I am not a spy. Is there such a thing as Temp spies? Nor do I want to be a spy. I am just a receptionist and not the Miss Moneypenny kind.

To change the subject;
The new name for Jian's new radio show is.... still undecided. Do you have any more suggestions? I think I ran out of suggestions ...