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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Headline: Webcam watcher in U.S. foils robbery in U.K.

I found this item on

Webcam watcher in U.S. foils robbery in U.K.
Last Updated: Friday, August 25, 2006 5:52 PM ET
CBC News
A man in Dallas watching a live webcam set up in the United Kingdom stopped a burglary after spotting thieves trying to break into a store.
The Beatles fan was watching a webcam on Tuesday of Liverpool's Mathew Street, location of the Cavern Club, the club made famous by the band.
On his computer screen, he saw a group of men climbing a ladder and removing property from a store, reports BBC News Online.
He called police in Merseyside County and told them what he saw. Officers went to the scene and arrested three men on suspicion of burglary.
The men were released on bail as the investigation continues.

I got this picture from the CBC Montreal cam

See it pays to watch webcams. I have a few Favorite cams. I look in on Vancouver or Mount St.Helens and sometimes but not lately I look in on wildlife and eagles .
There are zoo cams and city cams and family cams and security cams and traffic cams. You name it and they cam it. What cams do you like?

Don't bother telling me about xrated favorites.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I don't watch any cams, actually, and I'm hoping that there are not too many watching me.
You don't watch a Calgary cam, right?

Barbara said...

I could watch a Calgary cam... let me go find one. Now don't forget to wave to me.

Jas Bhambra said...

Does Calgary have a cam? If yes, maybe I'll just perch right in front and wave all the time. :)

mellowlee said...

I don't watch any cams either, but only because I haven't really thought about it lately. I am going to search for some right now, thanks Barbara :)

Barbara said...

Calgary has cams. Zoo cams, traffic cams, you can find a city cam on the Calgary CBC site. I am sure there are tons of personal cams in Calgary that I don't wanna know about. On the cbc montreal site I borrow the cam picture if it's nice. I have a folder of Montreal pics, and a folder of Vancouver sunsets from the katkam. I also have a folder on Mount St.Helens when it was more active.
You never know when the blog will need a volcano shot...

Eclecta said...

Hey Barbara,

Thanks for checking out my blog! Please e-mail me at if you're interested in joining an online group for the AIDS 2006 volunteers.



kees said...

I don't watch cams either although I went through a phase of watching las vegas wedding cams a few years back! Funny story though, maybe I should start...

Barbara said...

Las Vegas wedding cams? I never knew.

Ocean said...

Due to some unknown techy problem with my puter. I can't watch any live streaming videos. And I really wanted to see that humming bird cam. sniff, sniff

fin said...

My gram watches the Eagle Channel on TV.

Barbara said...

There is an eagle channel on tv ?