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Sunday, August 06, 2006

I should be getting ready for my farewell and happy birthday party but I am making music mixes for the move to Toronto instead.
I have to have the music ready now, don't I? I could even play it at the party...
Here it is

Feeling Good, Nina Simone {I Put a Spell On You}
King of Spain, Moxy Fruvous {Bargainville}

Montréal-40ºC, Malajube & Pierre Lapointe {Trompe-l'oeil}
The Canadian Dream, Sam Roberts {We Were Born In a Flame}

Basement Apt., Sarah Harmer {You Were Here}
Fille à plumes, Malajube {Trompe-l'oeil}
Goodbye, Patty Griffin {Flaming Red Rock}
Smile, Nat King Cole {The World of Nat King Cole}
Blame It On Me, Barenaked Ladies {Gordon}
Never Been To Spain, Three Dog Night {The Best Of Three Dog Night}
Who Taught You to Live Like That?, Sloan {Who Taught You to Live Like That}
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, K T Tunstall {Eye to the Telescope}

Begin, Ben Lee {Awake Is the New Sleep}
Cup of Tea, Shack {The Corner of Miles and Gil}
It's All Rigth With Me, Avalon {The Whispering Breeze}

and of course
Left and Leaving, The Weakerthans {Left and Leaving}

That's my 401 to Toronto mix.

the CRTC would be so proud of my Canadian content I think I have more than the quota on my mix CD.
You can find all of these on itunes for example, except Avalon (now Avalon Motel) they are so indie you might only be able to find them at HMV in Montreal in the Jazz section. I bought the CD from the singer's (Louise Thibeault) sister.

I am currently unemployed and ready to launch into my new life.
4, 3, 2, 1!

being so brave...


She's Crafty said...

So Brave! Congratulations...enjoy your drive and those great tunes. Buckle up. You may want to leave your seat belt "on" once you arrive in TO! (for the extra security...LOL!)
I am so excited for you.

Barbara said...

Thank you Sarah,
All I have to do is find out where I live... sounds simple right?
*studies the map* Ok found it.
Man Toronto is a big place.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Have fun at your party (is it tonight?) and bon voyage.
That reminds me of leaving Winnipeg for Ontario about 100 years ago, with everything I owned (books mostly) in the back seat of my Nova. And I only had a radio to listen to.
Try not to cry when listening to Left and Leaving...

Barbara said...

The party is this afternoon. BBQ with family and friends. :-)
Crying and driving don't mix. I will keep it in mind. The song 'smile' might make me cry too.
Were you on your own when you left the Peg?

Jas Bhambra said...

Good luck with the move. Barbara. Enjoy your Toronto 401 mix on the way! :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

All on my own, I was. I had just finished my Masters' and was going to start a job in Ontario. Jerry was living in London, though, so I had somebody waiting at the other end.

You are starting a great adventure!

Ariel S. Hyre said...

I love you Barbara! Have fun and good luck! *giant hug*

Barbara said...

Thank you Jas,and Ariel and everybody. We really missed you Mint Sharpie. One thing is nice about a cyber relationship is it does not have to change when a person moves. I am gonna miss my non cyber friends and family in Montreal. Maybe they will become more cyber now... *sigh*

kees said...

Good luck Barbara! Lots of best wishes for the big move :D

Barbara said...

Thank you Kees. Your a doll.