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Monday, August 14, 2006

Day 6

On day six I already got a raise on the job I will start next Monday...

I also wrote a little post about The AIDS conference on The Stroumboulopouli .

C'est tout pour la moment.



She's Crafty said...

Congrats! Thanks again for the post on the Stroumboulopouli. That George will be back on air very quickly,...being that everything just got so busy.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Congrats on your raise - you must be doing a great job, and you haven't even started yet. Amazing!

kees said...

Good skills lady! That's just the kind of job I need :D

Barbara said...

George will be back on the air very quickly?
Did I miss that bit of news?
I think everyone in Toronto gets a raise before they start their jobs don't they? It seems that way to me. I told you angels look out for me I include my sister in that group. Both sisters, but I am talking about the one that got me the raise.

She's Crafty said...

no new news, so to get your hopes up! I just figured that the time might go by faster now that you've sooo much to do!? I am so busy right now that I have to keep reminding myself to CALM DOWN (another reminder!)