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Monday, August 07, 2006


I am packing, sorting, listening to Sounds Like Canada and I just added blogging to that list.
Should I pack my sewing kit?
What is the point?
I don't sew.
Well, maybe a button once in blue moon.
I can leave some of my stuff here as my parents will bring it down on their annual trek to Stratford in September...
I will have to come back to Montreal to get my winter tires put back on in the fall.
sorry just rambling some of my lists off...
Leaving my bed and couch here sucks but moving it is another story.
Graham and I had picked out both those pieces of furniture... It's sentimental. I am still sleeping on my side of the bed leaving the other side empty for him... soon I can't do that.

thats all the ramble for now.


She's Crafty said...

Speaking of furniture, the IKEA catalogue just came out. I am stealing it and taking it home with me when I leave my parents today. (They hate IKEA so they won't mind). It's like my wish book. I dream about all the nice new stuff I could have and then I think about Jack and Fight Club, LOL!
George asks what movie character would you marry. My answer would be, and granted I might have something wrong with me here, Jack of Fight Club (Edward Norton/Brad Pitt combo...yummy). Imogen Heap turned the question on him and a day or two later he came back with Marla of Fight Club. And all I could think of: does that make him the Edward Norton/ Brad Pitt combo? if yes, all the more desirable, or does that make me Marla? I am just being silly here, but it entertains me.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I used to go to IKEA all the time, until they moved the store from the other side of town to my end of town. Now I never go. Why am I so contrary? Actually I just don't need more stuff.

But what I meant to say, BW, was that when you visit your folks you can always sleep on your side of the bed just like the old days.

Jas Bhambra said...

I know what you mean, Barbara. The sentimental value of certain things is much more than anything else in this world...It must really suck to leave those things behind...

Ben said...

Don't forget the kitchen sink !

You'll be fine, I can sew and darn so send it over to me.

Thanks for your kind comments about that song. It made my weekend. I wondered if I could use part of your quote on our blog.

Barbara said...

I am lucky I can visit my bed when I visit my parents Jas.

Ben anythime you want to use my words feel free.

Barbara B and Sarah, when I have a steady job and a steady income I will be looking in Ikea for sure...

Allison said...

I've been turning down pages in the IKEA catalogue, everything's so pretty.
Good luck on your move. Its nice that you don't have to take everything with you all at once.

Evelyne said...

Hope you'll enjoy Toronto! Ikea is a cool place to go to get furniture but the bank account hates it! your parents are kinds to bring some of your stuff to Toronto, it means less boxes to carry on the same day.

Barbara said...

Then you can both help me shop at Ikea when we all meet to go see The Hour.