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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Social life?

It's Saturday night and what am I doing? I am finding out how to make links on my blog. -17c outside so what else is there to do? Two links in my experiment and they both work.

random facts about my life....
My first plane ride ever was in a glider (that is a plane with no engine).
The same day my next plane ride was in a Cessna ( a small plane with 4 seats).
One of my brothers owns a sheep, does not read blogs and works as a copy editor for a major newspaper.
The rest of my incredible family may read my blog so I will say nothing more.
I wanted to get over my fear of driving so I learned to drive and bought my first car when I was 39.
Driving over bridges does not scare me now. I live on an Island, so I had to get used to them fast.
What scares me is driving through Toronto. That stretch of the 401 is scary.
what scares you? Don't let it limit you.

be not afraid.
my next test will be driving by myself to Toronto. Watch out!
Oh yeah... and one day soon I may even have a social life again. Waiting for spring.


Anonymous said...

One of your family members

Barbara said...

I'll take that as a dare. But a dare to what exactly?