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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Are you following the One Red Paperclip blog?

I can't wait to see how the big trade deal is going to go down live on The Hour
tonight. I may have to catch the rebroadcast at 11pm because of my work schedule. If you are interested, you can all catch it at 8pm or 11pm on CBC newsworld.
Blogs are in the news and now part of the news programming. Anderson Cooper has a blog on his CNN website that has a blog on it and viewers can leave their comments on AC360s picks of news topics
I find leaving comments hard to resist, don't you?
I get comment response envy when I see how many comments Anderson gets.
I should be careful what I wish for though. He must spend every spare moment checking out the responses.

Update on my life:
My car is being fixed right now. It had a bumper transplant. See earlier blog on what happened to my poor little car while I was blogging.
Hey Dad! Can you give me a lift to work?

be love
(how come spellcheck does not know the word blog?)

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