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Monday, February 06, 2006

Men take cartoons way too seriously

Have you noticed who it is in the mobs of protesters over a stupid cartoon?
It's all men and boys.
Need I say more?

If they can send a man to the moon, why can't they send all of them?
Don't take this joke seriously. It's just a joke! C'est une blague la!

See if I paint all men with the tar brush that only a handful deserve, then I commit the same mistake as people who judge a large group by the actions of a few.

be calm

I love men, they are also Gods children aren't they?
I just wish they would grow up!


C. F. said...

Hey, lay off the XY'ers. Nah, just kidding, if I wasn't a man myself then I'd probably hate men too...

Anyway, this is more of a cultural situation rather than a sex related one...

Barbara said...

I never mentioned hate...
I made an amendment to clarify my point.

Arash said...

So, you think that's all about being men? Have you seen the other picture in my weblog? I know, you will say, a man forced her to do so!

Barbara said...

Each adult is resposible for their own actions. Man or woman. So I can't say why a woman participated or what the extent of her participation was. I was targeting a group to make the point that targeting a group is not fair. Men are an easy target...And they shrug it off like rain on a duck.