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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What are we?

I was watching CNN's story about the KKK. I could not believe in this day an age that organization still exists. They think 'white' is some kind of 'race'. 'White' is just a label to me. They (the kkk) give 'white' a bad name.
It got me to thinking though. Why do we accept some labels placed on us? My higher self has no labels and won't be involved in this conversation. My petty everyday nonperfect self that has hangups, predjudices and preconceived notions will have her say. I reject the label of white. That is so not me. It does not belong in my multicultural world. I have a multicultural family and I am so proud of that. I do accept the label of Anglophone. I would even wear an Anglophone Tshirt if I had one. (Anglos don't have to hate anything to be Anglos in my mind.) Hate is such a burden on any soul. The 'label' of Anglo makes me a minority in my beloved province. A happy minority. I am also a proud Canadian! I don't say it often because that should go without saying. So I understand the need to belong to a group. But that group does not have to be against others...
I overheard a customer complaining that the store is not giving him what he wants because he does not have a Canadian face. He looked as Canadian as anybody else to all of us. It is so not the point where he was born! I have no idea what a non-Canadian face looks like. I don't think 'we' are better than 'others'. I am just one soul living an experience in a world full of souls all doing 'our own thing', together. My higher self sends love to all people without reservation. My petty everyday self tries to do the same. But if you call me white, I will bite you!

Be you

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Labels are limiting at best and at worst are the root cause of dissention and wars. Good for you for refusing to be pigeonholed.