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Monday, February 20, 2006

Dear Graham

Hello Sweetie,
How is it going over there? Miss you so much. The other day I was in our old neighbourhood. I stopped in at 'our' old grocery store. It reminded me of you. I loved stopping by there on the way home and making sure I added things you loved to the list of everyday groceries. You made cooking, or even ordering food for you fun. I miss having dinner with you. ( well I miss a lot more than that but...) No one could make me laugh like you did. The fact that you did the dishes afterwards makes you a saint in my eyes. The other day while I was at that grocery store I felt that you were beside me. You asked me why I didn't buy the pillsbury turnovers, I almost went back to get them. I looked around and wondered how many shoppers had spirits of loved ones beside them in the checkout lines.
Yes I feel that kiss.
Love you so much.
I will see you in about 43 years, until then I will take care. If it takes longer I just may take up surfing in shark infested waters when I turn 84 (if sharks are still around)... what a way to go!

love Barbara


Gerri said...

Love your Blog!!
Very funny ,informative,touching and heartfelt.Thanks for introducing this "blog" world to me.Hopefully I will start one soon.Good to see you today at JVP chat!!
Many blessings

Barbara said...

Gerri I am looking forward to seeing and hearing your blog.

dykotomy said...

what a sweet post - brought tears to my eyes..

phebe said...

Really nicely written. I'll be checking back often.