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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Since I turned 40, I can't shut up

I used to be a shy person. Keeping things to myself, listening to other peoples views.
But something has been building up. A gradual, inevitable, need to speak my mind has emerged.
Now I can't stop myself. I email my opinion to news shows now. I blog my thoughts in public.
Is this a mid-life crisis thing? Is this a world wide trend and I am just going with the flow?
I am not sure my opinion matter that much, but I don't care, I will express it regardless.
I have not stopped listening to others.
Sometimes they will have to speak up a bit though, because my hearing is not what it used to be.

Be your own voice


Judie said...

You are too young to be having a mid-life crises! I think we've switched places.

Barbara said...

Maybe I discovered that no one is the boss of me and since I don't have children I am the boss of no one. So that leaves me free to be me.

C. F. said...

Due to my life situation, I find myself going through the same thing...I always used to be the quiet I get grim satisfaction from telling people what I think about them right to their face....gah...I always feel bad afterwards, though.