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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Great Aunt was a Numerologist

Cora Wheeland
Born 1876-1959
Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Education St. Luke's Hospital School of Nursing in New York City.
She spent 2 years traveling Europe as a private nurse with a family called Hilton before World War I.
She sent the family in Brantford lots of postcards of places in Europe that to this day look the same.
She worked all the rest of her career as a nurse in New York City.
Nurses in that day worked much more than 40 hours a week, without breaks, without the right to marry.
Cora never did marry. smart woman
She was a follower of a kabalistic numerology movement in New York sometime back in the 40ties.
She was not the only member of my family interested in the paranormal. She wanted the family to drop the 'd' at the end of our name for a better result (numerically). Only one branch did that... I don't think it made a difference... who knows. If you want to know more about numerology Google it!
I would have loved to meet Cora, but she passed away before I was born. She sounds like she was an interesting woman leading an interesting life.

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judie said...

why did Cora have a "d" at the end of wheeland????

Barbara said...

That is a great question.
Because, as far as we know, she never changed her own name...

jw said...