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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Canada is in third in the medal count at last count.
7 Gold 10 Silver 7 Bronze
24 medals in all Baby!
Not bad for a Country of 33million or so.
Thank you to the all the athletes who shed the blood sweat and tears for Canada! Good on you!

Goes to show if we put our efforts into something then the sky is the limit. I can't wait for the games in B.C.

be your best


~enfield~ said...

Indeed, a great achievement, however, I would like to see Canada do better than, atleast, Australia, in the summer Olympics too.

Barbara said...

Australia has an amazing athletic support system for the summer games that we just don't have here. Canada has to step it up. But the Aussies are light years ahead. Did you see they won more medals in the winter games than the UK. Good on them.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The BC games are going to be great! I loved these games in Torino.

~enfield~ said...

I did too. Being an Indian who now calls Canada home, these were special too, for India representing with 4 contestants(a first), and Canada making its best performance !