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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Just having a good day

Sunday is a good day for visiting. So I went to visit family on the South Shore. I had a great visit. I was driving home over the Champlain bridge just as the sun was setting over the Island of Montreal. Me and Joni Mitchell were singing her hits as loud as we could as I drove across the bridge. I would have taken a picture of the scene but the other drivers around me thought that that was a bad idea. (Drivers in Montreal read each others minds all the time.) (That's why we don't need to signal.) (Just kidding.)
(or am I?)

If you are celebrating the Mardi Gras, Olympics, or life in general. Have fun and...
be loud


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Mind-reading drivers aside, it sounds like one of those moments that you know will be captured in your memory forever. I have a few of those as well - and you know as it's happening that you will always be able to picture that exact moment. It's lovely.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

ooops, thank you for the reading as well. I'll look at it more closely after work and discuss it with you. Very cool!