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Friday, May 05, 2006

H'our Buddy George

I love this picture. You can only imagine what George is talking about. In fact, I will leave it up to you to imagine whatever you want.

George just to let you know, I am a fan, not a stalker. It's perfectly normal to send emails every other day, right? Just checking. I'll be in Toronto on Mothers day. You don't mind if I drop in to give your Mother a hug? She puts up with so much from you. She is a saint! It was so cute when George phoned her up near the end of the Las Vegas show, to see if she was watching. Happy Mothers day to her.

George is our buddy and he takes care of his fans. Don't you George. Thank you for everything you and the crew do for us, we appreciate it. Don't worry I don't know where you live.
For those of you who don't know who it is I am not stalking, George Stroumboulopoulos, (how many times do I spell that wrong?) is the Host of The Hour .

Not every topic George covers on The Hour are of intense interest to me. I don't care what the Stoners or the Celebrities are up to in most cases. The one time I emailed a disgruntled email, he reads it on air. (see My Montreal post) He has opened my eyes about music, social issues, culture and technology and Eagles named Gordon. I buy downloaded music now. Before I used to buy it at the store. Oh by the way, I am a suck, I have never downloaded a song for free. Wait, I just caught myself in a lie. I won 10 songs from the National Playlist that was free downloading for me. I believe in supporting my favorite artists by buying the music.

Yes, I see some irony in my last paragraph because Musicians are often the stoner celebrities...

George brought up a subject that is near and dear to my heart. Blogging, free speech and keeping the internet free and open. No way am I going to let big corporations shut out my little unimportant, non commercial blog, from total internet access. All the unimportant things I blog about need to reach the widest range of people. I did something activist just now, I joined the save the internet group. See I am not just a BloggerChick. I am a free speech on my own terms blogger chick. Ok I got that link from other 'Hour' fans. Thank you Barbara B. The Badtempered Zombie and Kian and Metroid .

Thank you George for being you. I am so going to miss you when The Hour is on summer break. I hope you have fantastic summer. Renew, refresh and see you back safe and sound in September.


Alana said...

Oh jeeze Barbara, I don't want to have to think about The Hour's summer vacation!! That always sucks, but it does make autumn actually worth looking forward to.

Nice post though, and the little play on words with H'our. :P Nice touch!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think George is telling someone about the fish he caught. In the next picture his hands will be two feet apart.
God will strike me down for saying this, but in one regard I am kinda glad The Hour goes on vacation in summer so I can spend my evenings outside. Because you know otherwise I'd be glued to the tv.

Evelyne said...

I think that George is showing the distance that separated him and a car when a car almost crashed his motorcycle, or maybe it's something else!
And Barbara, you are right, The Hour is an amazing tv show and George is a great host.

Barbara said...

Alana I don't want to think about it either but Barbara B has a good point we will get outside in the evening this way.
I came up with that title then the rest of the post just followed along.
Evelyne I hope cars don't get that close again.
Angles please protect h'our buddy George.

hilary m. said...

I'd like to think george is in mid-clap. I'm sure he enjoys randomly clapping in a crowds of people, once in a while. ^^

I'm definitely going to miss the Hour during the summer, but I'm glad that there's a break. I'm not sure how I would manage watching it on a canoe trip, or an island in Ontario without any phone connection.. At least I won't feel guilty for missing it!

Barbara said...

Hilary your summer plans sound like fun. I wanna go on a canoe trip. I took a course in that in College. I loved college!

Neutron said...

Erm...who's George?

Barbara said...

I am glad you asked that neutron. I see by your blog you are in Germany. I am not suprised you have never heard of George. If you follow the link to The Hour you can click on one of the interviews to see George in action. It's an introduction to Canadian popular culture for you. I recommend the interview with Col Bogdanos re:Robbing the cradle of Cilvilzation. Very interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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