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Monday, May 15, 2006

Stories of TO

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I am home now as you can see. I had a great time in Ontario. They said it was mine to discover so I decided to explore and keep it. Thanks for the province! I have adopted Toronto as my second city. Like a second boyfriend kind of... But this city is only for fun. Well it's fun unless you work there. I went down to Front street at rush hour and no one looked like they were having fun but me and my Mum. She enjoyed my dragging her to the CBC to take a bunch of pictures and buy some stuff at the CBC gift shop. I asked about tours of the building but they are not set up for that 'right now'.
To give them some credit there is a free museum with Friendly Giant,

and Mr. Dressup stuff. That was cool. I read the guestbook signed by schoolchildren and one boy wrote 'I love you Mr. D.' (Soo cute shortening Mr. Dressup to Mr. D.)
*example of marking territory with photograghy see post re:taking Honey for a walk

I was the only person in Toronto wearing an orange tie dye tshirt today not to mention an orange Jazz fest hat.. I liked it that way. I noted the colours people were wearing and orange was not one of them. C'est pas grave, I never followed fashion.
I took a tour of Toronto by bus. That is one thing I have never done before. I have been to Toronto maybe 20 times or more throughout my lifetime. I found out on the tour that there is a nudist beach in Toronto, did you know that? Did you need to know that? I found out lots of stuff on the tour... What else did I learn? The history of buildings of interest, including my Fathers alma matter the U of T. Lots of things like the cost or the personality behind the building. All kinds of facts I bet Torontonians never knew. I have taken a walking tour of Montreal architecture in years past, and learned a great deal too. If you live in any city you should take a local tour. You never know what you are missing.
more later...


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Where are the pictures of the nude beach?

I took a walking tour of downtown Calgary shortly after moving here (like 4 years after). You're right, it was fascinating.

Allison said...

Totally agree with the local tour thing, I was thinking of doing one here in Vancouver, even though I lived here last summer. Also, getting lost on the bus is a good way to find out new things in a city :)

Barbara said...

I did not take the ferry to the nude beach. It was cloudy, 10c and I was not dressed for a nude beach... lol
Does Calgary have a nude beach?
I know Vancouver and Montreal do.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Calgary has no water. Actually Alberta has no water.

We do have a lake in our neighbourhood. Although it's very nice for a manmade lake, only the toddlers are naked.

Barbara said...

How did Calgary get flooded then? Rivers have beaches... even nude beaches sometimes. We have one in Oka. Not that I have ever been to it.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

There's a nude beach in Oka? Kewl.

Calgary does have rivers - some of the finest fly fishing in the world there actually, but as the water comes directly from the mountains it is waaaaay too cold for swimming in ever.

Becky said...

Hey, Edmonton apparently (I read it in the paper) has nude clubs, where it's like a country club, just everyone's nude...
We kind of have beaches, but the water's kind of murky (not dirty, murky) and there are lots of misquitos in the river valley, not really nude beach material.
If you're ever in Edmonton, take a tour of Old Strathcona... it's worth it!

Barbara said...

As long as i don't have to get neked in Old Strathcona I'll think about it. lol