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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

On the fringe of the Fringe Fest.

3 Blind Mice presents: Pools Paradise
now playing at MainLine Theatre form May 24 to May 28
3997, boul. St-Laurent, (514) 849FEST

I am taking my Mum out Friday night to see a play called Pools Paradise by Philip King. My very talented friend Tobey did the set design on this production and it's previous production See How They Run. Both plays are very clever British comedies set in England at the time of the second world war. We had a great time at the first production and we hear the second production is even funnier than the first. The acting talents are mainly from a pool of John Abbott Drama graduates, who really do a wonderful job.

Since I decided to get a life, I am buying ticket to more events this spring than I have in the past two years.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I say Good For You!! It's way too easy to stay at home (I know, I've done it a lot myself and I still do need a lot of downtime), but when I am tempted to turn something down I always think to myself that in the end, it's not going to be the tv that I watched or the newspaper that I read that I remember fondly.
Go out and have fun!

Becky said...

Hello! I don't know if that's his fake site... it's the address he said it was. It's fun to look at anyway. About the teenagers bedroom, believe me, it's not just you... I feel that way too, and I AM a teenager! Although, I'm not very good at being a stereotypical teen... I'm the only kid at my school who watches The Hour! Everyone else finds it boring! I just don't understand them...
Anyway, enough about me. It's really cool that you're going to all those shows. In Edmonton we have North America's biggest Fringe every year, you should come check it out in August, it's lots of fun!
Anyway, better be going!
See ya.

Becky said...

It's totally a Leo thing!
I know (well, I don't really KNOW George, but still...) SO many people with birthdays near ours! It's freakish! George's is on the 16th, One of my good friend's is on the 17th, another's the 18th, your's on the 19th, and then mine's on the 20th! August rocks! That's SO cool! Sorry, I just find that so cosmic.

Barbara said...

My late boyfriend Birthday was Aug 22. There is something about Leos I love.

Allison said...

That sounds exciting, I love that time in history, add the comedy factor, sounds like a win-win. Have fun and enjoy :)

Ocean said...

Doing something different. That's great and making some memories with your mom, even better.

Barbara said...

Thank you Becky and Allison. I know I will have a good time there and so will my Mum. It's nice I can do this with her but if I don't get a real date soon my Mother is going to suggest again that I would make a good Nun.
"Ummm, Mum have you noticed I don't go to church anymore?" "and I have lead a sufficiently sinfull life, that I am sure disqualifies me for the role"

Anonymous said...

hey Barbara
shocked that im on your web. hope you enjoyed the play I was sure happy to have you there. thank you for all your support. tobey

Barbara said...

It was my pleasure Tobey. I wish I could have spend more time with you that evening but I was distracted with thoughts of 'hope my car is not towed'...
All is well. It was left where I parked it. See you soon.