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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Montreal

I wanted to talk about the beautiful Island I live on. Two of these pictures I got from The CBC Montreal cam. The one on the bottom, from Old Montreal, I took last summer. I feel very fortunate I was raised on this Island. I have lived in six of her neighborhoods. I was at Expo 67 as a two year old. I was at the 1976 Olympics as a 12 year old. I have been to Allouettes, Concords, then Allouettes (again) games again as a fan with my Dad. I have been to Expos games with friends. I have been to a Habs game on Halloween. The concerts, The Jazz fest, The Just For Laughs fest, Canada Day parades, St Patricks Day parades, I was even in a Grey Cup parade.
I was at that Canada rally just before the referendum. I got a free Quebec flag that day. See that is where the sponsorship money went. It got me a free flag. Thanks Canada! No, you can't have it back!
This has been a great place to spend my first 40 years of life. I am just not sure I will spend my next 40 years here. That is still up in the air.

Go Habs Go!!!
so much left unsaid...
I love you Montreal!!!

Unrelated to this post: George of The Hour read my email on The Hour today. It relates to his story about the F word. Cool! Thanks for responding. Nope I don't use the F word. I still love many people who do though.
Yes, I have been known to swear in French and not all French swear words are related to religion by the way.


Evelyne said...

About the F word,
But Barbara, if you're speaking in French, you can use the F word. It has a different meaning, it is considered as swearing, but it's not as bad as it is in English. My parents are really strict about swearing (I'm a francophone) but, the F word, it's all right...
But swearing in French, when you're wou speak English, that's funny...but George was right, most of the common swearing in French is about religious you have to be really good in French to know a a lot of other words...

Barbara said...

Pour la plus part, I only use mild french swears like Zute Alors (cartoon swearing, I know). I don't get into the heavey stuff like estie or tabernac. I hear the French using the F word and I know they think it's not bad. It still makes me wince though. One thing that bothers me about the F word is it gives sex a bad name. I think sex should be more respected. An angry F exclamation kinda sends a mixed message about the whole subject.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I really like swearing and it can be very satisfying when done creatively. German swear words are really incredible - my dad taught me some great ones.

I heard George read your email last night - that was extremely cool. They read a couple of mine last year but none this year, as they only seem to read ones that come in during the show, and I watch a taped version.

Well done missy.

Barbara said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Barbara said...

Thank you Barbara B. What do the Germans use as swear words. Now you got me curious. Is it related to body, sex, religion or something else?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

A lot of the German swear words I know relate to body or bodily functions, but in a weird way.
Examples of some translations (and out of respect for your blog I will edit these):
- crookedly-drilled a**hole
- s**t-dirt (as oppsed to plain old...)
- a**hole with ears
etc etc

Barbara said...

Thank you Barbara B. I love that you 'get' me. Now how do those go in German? In case I am in a situation where talking about sh*ty dirt with a German will come in
Did I hear a gasp?

Gotta go to work now. Home by 8:30pm so no emails in the first half of The Hour from me.

Ellee said...

Well, I was at Expo 67, too, Barbara, but I'm not going to reveal how old I was at the time, because that would make me older than dirt. he,he,he

Barbara said...

Hey it gives away my age! Ellee what is your opinion of the F word?

Alana said...

Hey Barbara, thanks for leaving the comment on my site, I appreciate it.

That was YOU who wrote the F-word email? LOL! Personally I use the word rather frequently, but kudos to having George read your email on the air! Now we're even for you being taken off the blog tracker list, right?

Thanks again for stopping by!

Barbara said...

Thank you universalantidote-x. Welcome to my blog. Yeah we're good, you and I. I see you have been to my best blog buddy Barbara B's site too. One of the best places to find buddies is The Hour's blog tracker as far as I am concerned.
We can thank Jeremy of The Hour's website for that.

Barbara said...

I better say right now I have also found great blog buddies at the Anderson Cooper fan sites too.
Sorry about that Anderfans.
Me bad.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I keep forgetting to give you those words we discussed in German! Here they are (phonetically):

grume bored arshloch
shize drek
arsh mit oren

try them out!
(and thanks for the sweetness, blog buddy!)

Ellee said...

Barbara, in my neck of the woods the F word is nothing but BAD! People don't use it in everyday conversation; some use it under the table, so to speak. It's considered gutter language--absolument verboten! Believe it or not, I personally have never uttered it---AND I seldom hear it.
Amazing huh? So I guess the F word is a regional-cultural sort of thing. Personally, I have been known to use "DANG"
I am glad you wrote an amendment to your 'blog buddies' to include us Anderfans. We's good people!

Barbara said...

See I am not the only one who does not use the F word! Thanks Ellee.