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Sunday, April 09, 2006

There is a story behind this pair of guardian dogs.
One Christmas, *in the time of Graham.
There was a couple looking forward to their first Christmas living together.
Barbara explained the tradition of exchanging stockings to Graham.
This was hoped to be a long standing tradition.
Graham shopped and prepared a nice stocking for Barbara.
Barbara shopped and prepared a nice stocking for Graham.
That Christmas morning they were both in for a surprise.
They each had chosen the same little stuffed dog to go in the stocking!
They had bought them from different places.
No peeking or consulting was detected.
Funny how this happened to two Leos who's birthdays are three days apart.
God, I miss him!
*see: 'How I Review My Life' post for this reference


Barbara Bruederlin said...

True story?
That is so very strange. You were obviously made for each other. No wonder you miss him so.

Barbara said...

Yes true story.

Jas Bhambra said...

What can I say...too overwhelmed to say anything...

Barbara said...

I'm ok. I just get sentimental sometimes.