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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

No I don't have bird flu (just because I am a chickadee)

I have a bad cold. I am getting ready right now for my 8 to 4 shift. I am scheduled on cash where I have every opportunity to sneeze in front of customers. Don't worry I disinfect my hands before I hand them their change.

After work today I have been invited by friends to a Passover dinner. This will be my second Passover dinner in as many years. There will be one non Jewish guy invited. He is single, intelligent and good looking. Do you smell a setup?
Not good timing. I will look so cute with my nose all red and running.
Oh well c'est pas grave.

I'll update later if there is anything to tell you.

be open to possibilities
Update: I took a cold pill. That helped. The single guy did not show up because he was told a lot of beautiful women would be there and he chickened out at the last minute. Lots of woman were there. We had a great time!

Good food, good grape juice in my case, good wine for the people not taking cold medication, good company. What more do you need in life? No flu or cold is going to stop me. But I will take the next two days off to recover. Then it's time for Easter with the family.

Happy Easter, Passover, Baisakhi and what ever else you want to celebrate.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Single, intelligent and good-looking? Can I come? Oh wait, I'm married.
Have a good time anyway despite your nose dripping into the Passover soup. Just beguile him with your wit and charm!

The Blogs & Articles team said...

This is just to let you know, that we found the recent post in your Blog, (kind of) related to the bird flu virus, to be interesting and have today added that entry of your blog, to our site:

We hope that lots of Single, intelligent and good-looking persons will contact you very soon:)

The blogs & Articles team.

Barbara said...

to The articles Team, I would not call it breaking bird flu news but I guess having lots of single intellegent good looking persons come by would be ok. Thanks.

Barbara B, I will do my best.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

How are you feeling today Barbara W? Hope you nose is better.

Barbara said...

Hi Barbara B!
I am eating leftover matzo (sp?) ball soup and taking it easy today. I am lucky I have tommorrow off too. nothing like a holiday to recover from a cold.
I am at the point in my cold where my nose is ok but my brain is stuffed up.

Anonymous said...

I love simple but makes you think