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Friday, April 07, 2006

Toronto The Good

( Ah! My fav. kind of car) My dear Sister J. provided the Toronto pictures from the Eatons center and the street. She is my reporter in the field. The CN tower is from the Cams Across Ontario.

There are lots of good things to say about Toronto.

George Stroumboulopoulos of The Hour seemed concerned this week that TO was not getting the love from the Federal Government, or from fellow Canadians.

Does Toronto have a secret inferiority complex? The source of all the Toronto jokes seem to come from Toronto itself. It should be a confident city. It has everything a world class City needs!
I have visited Toronto every few years for most of my life. I have seen it grow and change. No city is an Island (unless it is an Island, like Montreal).
What I mean by that is, Toronto grew up and out with our help (with extra help from Rene Levesque), and Canada grew up being affected by what Toronto contributed to our Country and to the world. I am talking about inventions, education, medical discovery, industry, architecture , arts and entertainment.
You can talk about pollution if you want, but I am trying to put a good light on this. All cities pollute. Let's just say it's got all the city sins you would find anywhere.
What makes it unique? It depends on how you experience Toronto.
The experiences I have had there have been positive ones. In one visit, I met James Van Praagh, spotted the top four Canadian Idols coming out of the film fest, and watched a car commercial being filmed on the street. All in the same weekend!
The last time I was there The Maple Leafs were in the playoffs and they were winning. I could hear the cheering all night long. Now that is fan spirit!
I have been to the CNE, The Hockey Hall of Fame, Ontario Place, The Science Center, The ROM and the CN Towers more than a few times. It's an easy city to get around in. Getting lost, getting found, discovering new foods and new friends. It's all there.
I am never bored in TO. Maybe because I don't work there. I play there!
I think all the tourists Toronto welcomes each year give back to Toronto all the love it can handle. Don't worry about what people who don't go to TO think!
How you get the Federal love is to get their attention. You can take Quebec lead and complain, complain, complain. It works for us.
But that's boring. I think you'll have to find your own way on this one. Remember you have their pay checks. What can be sexier to the Federal Gov't than tax money?

Ok, Pep talk over!
I will be in the Toronto area around Mothers day to give you all a hug in person.
If there are any other Cities that need a hug, let me know.

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judie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
judie said...

on the subject of pollution- Vanity Fair (May 2006) has put Mayor David Miller (along with 5 american mayors) as the Mayors who are doing the most to reduce pollution. I heard that on the radio this morning....

Barbara Bruederlin said...

When I lived in London, my favourite part of Toronto was seeing it in my rear view mirror as I was getting out of there. But now that I'm much farther away I do miss it.

Barbara said...

I did not remove an answer I did not like... It was a comment posted twice by accident. I will accept all comments.

Well maybe not all comments.
Don't test me.
Play nice.

Joel Klebanoff said...

Near the beginning of your entry you asked if Toronto has a secret inferiority complex. Not at all. The truth is, we have trouble understanding why so many people outside of Toronto fail to recognize that we ARE the centre of the universe. Thanks for the hug.

Barbara said...

Anytime Joel. You are the center of the universe and don't let NY,NY forget it!

Barbara said...

Barbara B.
Funny how London Ont. is in the News re:the multiple murder victims from Toronto are just when you said that...