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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Broken glasses

Late last night I was cleaning my glasses and the bridge between the lenses snapped.
The 6 year old metal frames had met their end. I don't have an extra pair of glasses or contacts.
I was supposed to work 8am to 1pm today. I had to call in 'blind'.
I am near sighted and I would have a very hard time driving or working without glasses. You would not want me on the roads without them.
My Father stepped in and drove me to the mall early this morning. He threw a coin in the fountain and made a wish that we could find a frame to fit my lenses.
The gentleman at Lensecrafters was not as optimistic that it would be that easy.
Guess what! It was that easy. He found a frame to fit my old lenses. It was only 89$ for the new frames. Voila done. I can see again! I still need to get new glasses but I have these as a backup for now.
I was able to get an appointment due to a cancellation at my own eye doctors later today by fluke as well.
My angels do take care of me.
So does my Dad.
Thanks Dad.
Thanks Angels.

being grateful

Oh yeah, and thanks to the Lenscrafter guy!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Good thing you didn't have to do the electrical tape thing.

Barbara said...

I am enough of a nerd without taping my glasses... lol

Monica said...

LUCKY!!!!!!!! A few years ago I bought a pair of those fancy plastic framed ones and the nose pad fell off and I was told I would have to buy an entire new front frame for them! I always buy my glasses at shoppers optical. Thank GOD for the 2 for 1 deal!

Barbara said...

I can't find the 2 for 1 sales anymore. Most places still charge like they are selling you 2 pairs though.

Anonymous said...

Are they still call Lenscrafters in Quebec? I would have thought the language police would have them translate the name to the french equivilant

Barbara said...

I think it's Lunetterie Lenscrafter. Not sure if I spelt that right... The language police do not control my blog. Yet. Speaking of language police
'Lunetterie' sounds like a place they manufacture lunatics. We'll have your lunatic ready in an hour Madame.