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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Most Canadians live within a two hour drive of the US border, right?
Do you have your passport yet?
I do. When I decided to get my driver license at age 39 I also had a plan in my mind to drive where I wanted, when I wanted, no border was going to slow me down. I passed my test, bought my car, got my passport, and booked a campsite in Ausable Chasm NY. This was my solo adventure. My little passport was like a 87$ pass to where ever I wanted to drive. Did I get my moneys worth? Not yet. Driving over the border was a breeze. That part was nice. One thing I like about driving in NY is the roads are in better shape. The gas is slightly cheaper... Really.
My Brother-in-law had a harder time at the border this past March. He is Irish. Born there. He has been married to my Sister and living in Canada something like 17 years now. He has a Sister in Chicago. They visit each other all the time. Border crossings are routine. They were going over to Chicago to visit his Sister and her family for St Patricks day weekend. He has his Irish passport. The US Border guards stopped him. Said the Passport does not fit their machine... Two hours later, they sent them all back home.
Is that stupid or what! There must be thousands of Canadians in the same boat. Maybe we do need that ID card to cover cases like that.
If you are going to the States soon make sure your mumps shots are up to date!
Keeping an Irishman away from Chicago on St Patricks Day weekend. They should be ashamed!

Now the only thing keeping me from driving where I want is gas prices!

Be Free.

Being Free is expensive.


How scarey is this? News item on the radio Sunday night was that the passport offices in Montreal and Toronto were broken into and computers and passports were stolen. Yet there has not been a followup story about this anywhere. This is a major breach of security yet not another word about it in the press. What is that about?


Barbara said...

I just rode my bike to the bank. On the way back home I took this picture of my local gas station to show you what the current price is. That is per litre for my American friends. For US conversion times that price by about 3.5 (I think). I should go buy some while it's still that price. It can only go up...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

OUCH! 114.3! The highest I've seen here is 106.0, but I'm sure that will increase just before I need to fill up.

That's really disturbing about the passport offices (and the fact that we haven't heard anything about it). You should ask the Hour to check it out.

Barbara said...

lol. I did email The Hour about that... That was the email before I emailed them the F word comment...
I can name one more source. The La Presse article in Sundays paper.
My brother works for the Gazette and he said if a story happens on Sunday it may not get a follow up on Monday... but we have seen nothing on it at all this week.

tobey said...

So i need to get a passport for a trip that i want to take in the summer to the USA but unfortunately I don't know if I should waste my money on getting one because the border patrols are really strict right now. Unfortunately two Decembers past I was in the USA helping a friend with a school Chanukah production and take down happened to be the night before I was leaving and if you can imagine this someone as we were packing up put the tools including the box cutter in my purse....but I never checked my purse before leaving. To my surprise as they exrayed my purse the police were notified that I was trying to smuggle weapons onto the plane which of course was completly untrue. Thank heavens I have my pale white female skin for getting me out of a sticky situation. But unfortunately I now have a record with the airline and have been told that if I'm found breaking any rules they will arrest me. Sooooo to make a long story even longer...will I be allowed in there in the first place...who knows... should I waste the money?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I spoke too soon - 109.6 now.

Barbara said...

Tobey I have been thinking... Maybe you should ask at the passport office what they think about the mixup at the airport before you pay your passport fee.