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Saturday, April 01, 2006

How I review my life

I noticed something about how I view my life. I think about my past in three segments. One segment is called 'The time before Graham' (that is where 36 years of my life happened). The next segment is 'the three years with Graham'. Then there is 'the time since Graham'.

This came up because I found a concert stub of the last concert I paid to go to. It was in 2001.
Here is a pic. It was in the time before Graham when I was living with another guy. Great seats! Fun concert! The BareNaked Ladies know how to put on a great show. {But my date did not clap, dance or in any way participate as a concert goer should. He was a waste of a good ticket! Well he was not always a waste of a good ticket. To be fair my first date with him was a Bryan Adams concert nine years earlier. How people change.}

I do recall some free concerts since that time. The Montreal Jazz Fest, April Wine, Classical Music in the park, but those I went to alone. That was in the time of Graham, but when he was ill, in the third year.
He just reminded me that we went to the Highland Games together and enjoyed live Irish music in the beer tent. That was in our second summer together.

We have had a lot of fun together. In good times and bad you can still enjoy a laugh, share a song, fly a kite, or just hold hands. Life is short! Enjoy the time you got with the people you love.

If it's just you then go out and enjoy yourself.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Okay I guess I can understand somebody not wanting to dance at a concert, but who goes to a concert and doesn't even clap?
Some of the best musical times are held outside sometimes in the worst weather. I saw the Weakerthans and Christine Fellows do a spectacular workshop at the Folk Festival last summer. It was 6C and raining hard and I was an arm's length from John Samson the whole time. Pure heaven.

Barbara said...

I saw Elton John, Mitsou, The Box and Me Mom and Mogentaler outside (not all at the same time or even in the same decade. The weather was good though. April Wine did their concert in a park along the riverside. It was shad fly season. The lead singer said "There is a lot of protein in the air tonight."
Poor guy had to sing with shad flies flying all around... pfffffft
(shad flys are like millions of little harmless moths)

Barbara said...

Why am I so bitter about that 'date' being a stick in the mud? "Get over it!"
Okay. I forgive him.