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Sunday, March 05, 2006

What are your 5 answers?

I have been thinking about those 5 Questions George Stroumboupolous asks the celebraties.
Do you ever ask yourself those questions?
Q's are not verbatim. I sum the questions up in my own words.

1. If you could chose only one album for all time what would it be?
I think the answer changes every year for me. It's hard to answer a 'for all time' question. Joni Mitchell in this years answer. Her greatest hits album. The Best of Three Dog Night comes a close second...

2. Do you believe in ghosts?
Yes. Have I shown you the pictures?

3. Your choice of last meal would be?
Everything on the sushi menu!

4. When was the last time you cried?
LOL. It's when the snowplow guy told me his plow tore off my cars back bumper. I was not in the car at the time but I felt the pain.

Feel free to comment with your own answers.
Remind me if I forgot any of Georges questions.
the forgotten question is:
5. If you could marry a fictional character on TV or in film who would it be?
The husband in 'Medium'... That guy is so patient with his wife. He is sexy in a cleaning up the house taking care of the kids kind of way. I reserve the right to change this answer later


Barbara Bruederlin said...

This is fun. I feel like I'm on The Hour.
Reminder: George's 5th question is something like if you could marry a fictional character from film or tv, who would it be?
my answers:
1) toughest question in the world as it changes every 2 days. Right now it would be Substance by Joy Division.
2) no
3) something with lots and lots of courses and different wines with each course
4) when something bad happened to my baby (which is pretty much the only times I cry)
5) I used to think the mountie from Due South, by he would be a little boring after a while, so I'll go with Shaun from Shaun of the Dead - brave, funny and more than a little geeky.

Barbara said...

Ty Barbara Bruederlin I knew you would remember what I forgot. I like your answers.

Ellee said...

Since you REALLY want to know MY answers to your big 5:
1. Album: Vivaldi's Four Seasons
I could survive on that for a loooooong time. It covers every emotion there is, and depending on what I was feeling on any given day,I would have mood music for it. Unlike almost any other album, I would never tire of it.
2. I can't remember the other questions. I will have to go back and read. Just a moment......

Ellee said...

Ok, got 'um. Thanks for you patience.

2. Yes, I believe in ghosts or actually, spirits. They are the same thing. My dec. father visits my mother all the time. In fact, he came just this week while she lay ill in the hospital. I watched as she interacted with him.

3. Last meal would be a very large bowl of whipped cream---the real stuff---no chemical melange, and a cube [or a pound] of REAL butter---maybe with a little REAL French bread.
4. I last cried this week when I was laughing so hard at something I wrote, that it morphed into crying, and then I realized I was devasted over my mother. I wouldn't have discovered that if I hadn't been laughing.
5. Probably Andy, but then he isn't fictional, is he?

Barbara said...

Ellee I understand 100% about your father visiting your mother. I pray for her and for your family at this time. You are entitled to have those tears. I would cry too.
Anderson is a real man, but I understand the sentiment.

Jw said...

1- Jesus Christ Superstar- original soundtrack

2- I don't not believe in them....

3- Smoked meat on rye (lean)with french fries and a dill pickle

4-I don't remember-

5-That's hard- I'd have to say "something about Henry" Harrison Ford

Now Barb, stop blackmailing my son!; )

Barbara said...

K JW the check will be in the mail.
Thanks for playing along.