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Thursday, March 09, 2006

G day Part 1

I am going to have a good day. Tonight I will be going to see a taping of The Hour with George Stroumboupolous right here in Montreal. Yes, I am going alone. I decided at 6:30 am, weeks back, that I was going to book a ticket, so it's not like I could call people up to see if they wanted to go with me. In my mind, Barbara Bruederlin talked me into going. Now she is encouraging me to get a hug from George. Just like that one she had, but in colour.
I will do my best without stocking the guy. I feel like a 14 year old not a 40 year old.

The show will be on CBC Newsworld tonight live at 8pm EST, then rebroadcast at 11 pm then again in the wee hours . I will wear a thin brown sweater ( the kind with the zipper) and blue jeans. I may have a purple wrap on so my parents can spot me in the audience. Part 2 of my blog will tell you all about it.

In the mean time, Have a great day!



jw said...

have Fun!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Get yourself a big old George hug. They are therapeutic. And please give my best to the man.

Barbara said...

Yes. George hugs are good for the health!