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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Do you vote on The National Playlist? CBC Radio One . Details are on the link.

Jian Ghomeshi announced that this was the last week of The National Playlist. At first I was shocked. I just was getting used to voting for my favorite song on the National Playlist. I was even emailing Jian with my views and picks on the songs that should be on the list. That was me trying to become involved in music again.
Then that shocking announcement.
I emailed him my condolences, regrets and dismay. Then I thought about it. The timing is suspect! The last day of the National Playlist is the day before April 1st. Is this an April fools joke? Or is this just me in denial about The National Playlist being 'put to sleep'. Why would the CBC do that?? It's a hit radio show!! There is no background story. No details given. No announcement on the website. I emailed him again to accuse him of playing an April fools joke on the audience. No reply at all. (you may want to sing that part) no reply at all.
Not that I ever get a reply from Jian or The National Playlist.
Am I in denial, or is this the real end of The National Playlist?
Should I hang on to the belief it's an April fools joke?

be hopeful



The National Playlist is a top ten list of songs, that crosses genres, styles, and time . It's pitched by music lovers, voted on by listeners, debated and dissected by Gian Ghomeshi and his CBC Radio One guests. Now that is my kind of democracy!

update Mar 27 2006

I received a reply from Radio One!
As part of the ongoing process of developing and defining what R1 should feel and sound like, TNP has come to the end of it's run on R1.
If you have any more questions or comments, please e-mail audience relations at .
"but, but, but, That is what R1 should feel like in my opinion! It should feel like we have a say. A communion of very different music lovers." It looks like it's not an April fools joke after all.

The TNP team will miss the show too, especially our interaction with listeners like you. Thanks again for your e-mail and don't forget to vote this week! On behalf of the TNP team,
Thanks for Listening.

Newer update!
I just won a prize from The National Playlist! So sweet of them. Thank you. That makes me feel a bit better.


Barbara said...

Barbara B. Are you having trouble getting the vote page on The National Playlist site? Or is that just me?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It ain't you, babe! There's something weird going on there. I can place a vote but it times out before it registers.

Barbara said...

Well I am not going to hang around Radio One to see what they feel and sound like without The National Playlist.
Sorry buddy, I'll go find better things to do.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh I'll still keep listening. I've been a Radio One regular for 25 years.

Barbara said...

Well there is that Randy Bachman show...

Barbara said...

I can't believe Dolly Parton's song is on the final NPL... *shakes her head*