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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I have another question for you.

Besides 'The Hour' what's your favorite TV show currently.

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jw said...

"my Name is Earl" get's my vote

Barbara said...

That is a good show. Mum, Dad and I all watch that show. The only thing is, we can never remember what day it's on. Is that because they keep moving it? Or is it us?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I like how you've worded your post: "besides The Hour", like there was never any question of that one (which there isn't).
I can't live without South Park. And the Mercer Report is a given as well. And that's about all the tv I watch regularly.

Ocean said...

The Amazing Race

Barbara said...

Barbara B-
I love RMR, but I am just not a South Park fan (even though I saw the movie)Blame Canada eh!.
I try not to miss 'The Dead Zone' on space channel.
My birds love to watch anything on Animal Planet when I am not home.
I watched that one season but I find I have to catch it at the start or I just can't get into it.
If I have to watch a reality show I choose Extreme Home Makeover for a good emotional boost.

Jas Bhambra said...

I am somehow hooked on to Survivor and The Apprentice. I watch them religiously!

J.C. said...

Both incarnations of "Stargate" are good, as well as "24" and of course the new "Battlestar Galactica" is reallllly good.

Barbara said...
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Barbara said...

I wish I had a regular 9 to 5 work schedule. Then I could follow those serial shows from start to finish.
What is good about The Hour is that it is on 8pm, 11pm and what, 2am? That fits any work schedule they throw at me.