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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Spring will arrive March 19th (I hope)

Update! It's the day of the St. Patrick's parade.

Spot the Shriners! Spot the snow!

Spot the politicians in this picture!

Spot the celebrities in this picture!

Montreal's 182nd St Patrick's Day Parade.

I just got back from over two hours of parade viewing. After two hours I was too frozen to stay for the end.
I took 50 pictures. These are just three of them.
Weather was weird. Sunny sometimes with snow flurries but cold as you can see by what people are wearing.

Comments overheard: A guy to his girlfriend " To get warm we can go 'do a lapdance'." Did I hear that right?
Another comment from spectators, as a streaker runs through the parade wearing a jock and nothing else " Hey, Mike you could do that!" Mike said " I would man, but he has a much bigger package".

If you don't want me to overhear your conversations , dont say it in english.

Original post March 3rd.
When is this winter going to end?
I will put up with it for two more weeks but that's it. It has to go!
The St Patrick day parade in Montreal is on March 19th this year.
I am praying for a beautiful sunny warm springlike day that day. *crosses fingers*
It's not like the Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans or Rio. There are no drunken ladies flashing. Too bloody cold! No one throws beads. Candy or pins sometimes, but no beads. The floats are more like flatbed trucks with dancers or radio show hosts on them, not those fancy rigs 'New Orleans style'. Those floating characters you see at the Macy's parade are also in short supply due to the fact that they are hard to maneuver in this city. But we have tons of marching bands and the wonderful Shriners and the participation and enthusiasm of the crowd. The crowd is a cultural mix of families, friends and the hopelessly inebriated all of 'em wearing green winter wear. All of them are Irish!
'Cause Like Bowser and Blue Sing " Whether you heterosexual, bisexual or gay, everybody's Irish on St Patrick's day!"
I am hoping Bowser and Blue will be there again this year.

Be Irish


Barbara Bruederlin said...

March 19, we're just really starting to get into winter around here. Seriously, March is our snowiest month, but I have seen snow in every month of the year in the 8 years I've lived here. But I digress. I have never understood green beer.

Barbara said...

I gave up green beer for lent... or green drinks of any kind.

Barbara said...

You can click on the pics to take a closer look. Yes that is Ben on the CTV float! Don't you just want to pinch his cheeks!

or is that just me?

jw said...

it's just you.....Though he could use a good slap....

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm with you on that one, JW!

Barbara said...

There is a picture Gille Duceppe and Belinda Stronic (sp?) and Ben is the one you want to slap?? Ok.

Barbara said...

I just got confirmation that the pic with the shriners has a loved one on that Karnak tram. Good thing I took that picture.

Barbara said...

Any anglo Montrealers will know the rest of the CTV gang with no problem.