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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My comment on comments

The best part of a blog meal is not the opening post. The post itself is just the appetizer. The real tasty part in a good blog is the comments. I am not talking 100 comments plus, that's just stuffing yourself. Who can consume all that? I like my comments in small portions. It gives you a sense of who your guests to dinner really are. I joined blogmad yesterday so more guests can come sit at the table. I am not sure how well that experiment will go. Quantity of visitors does not seem to be adding to the menu. I have my regular talented commentators adding their spice. Maybe that's all the food for thought I need. Please feel free to add your piece of pie.

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Andrea said...

welcome to the maddness. I am here from blogmad and a fellow canadian. looking forward to seeing you more often on here.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I love getting to know the people who come to visit. Aside from spewing my thought to the world, it's the best part of blogging.

Ocean said...

Brings in a dish of Banana Pudding and a Vase of fresh cut flowers for your table :)

cube said...

I'm here from Blogmad myself. I'm seeing more traffic as a result, but not all of the visitors comment. Sometimes in blogdom, you just toil in obscurity *sigh*

Anonymous said...


Gareth John said...

I have a similar problem to cube i use blogmad and my visitors are large however only 10% really read what i have to say from viewing my stats and 0% have ever commented :'-(

Barbara said...

Welcome Andrea,Cube,gareth and anonymous. Nice to meet you. May I introduce Ocean and Barbara B. my regular guests at the table.
Thank you Ocean for the banana pudding and the vase. Nice touch.
I think you can tell I was hungry when I posted this. I will visit the new guests' blogs when I finish work for the day. I am home for lunch at the moment and my time online is short.
I agree Barbara B. maybe you could check out if you want more traffic. Not that you need it.
I finally figured out how to put my silly mug on my profile. I am so slow to learn this sometimes.
I have a new link for fun called are you bored? try it if you are bored.

Johnny Jazz said...

A blog post without a witty, erudite or pithy comment is like haddock and chips without the mushy peas - incomplete. But, in the final analysis it's all about quality not quantity.

Barbara said...

Jazz. I invite you to add a helping of mushy peas!