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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

How I almost flashed George S.

Wait wrong picture, that is George flashing whomever took that picture.
I don't actually have a picture of me flashing anyone!

No this is not the official George Stroumboulopoulos fan blog. It's just a coincidence half the posts are about him or The Hour. Really.

But this story I have to tell.

I told my friend Barbara B., I would be wearing a thin brown sweater with a zipper to the taping of The Hour. She is the one I thank for talking me into going to see the taping of The Hour. See the earlier post re:The Hour live part 2. 3/10/2006 To get that whole story.
Maybe you should go read that now and then come back to this story.
Anyway, that is what I did wear, with a purple shawl. Not that you could tell if you saw me in the audience because I was seated behind a big woman and all you could see was my head. As it turns out that would have been a good thing.
One week later:
I wanted to wear something green for St. Patrick's day . I had a green tank top. I put that on and then realized I would be too cold so I put the same thin brown sweater over it. Normally I don't wear anything but a nice black bra under that sweater... As I arrived at work and got out of my car I realized my green tank top was showing because the sweaters zipper let go in the middle. {strange coincidence that happened to my brown wallet's zipper too in the same week} If I was wearing just the brown sweater on St. Patricks day, a few of my co-workers would have gotten a show. I can just imagine if it happened at the taping, or while meeting George afterwards instead??
That would really be showing George how happy I was to see him! Or if the cameras caught that! Hi Canada! Hi Mom! LOL

Trying to be modest...

I credit Monica for the photo.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

hoho! Glad you wrote up that story! Now everyone will be checking their tapes of the Hour to see if anybody DID flash George.

Barbara said...

There I go exposing myself again.
It was a small miracle it did not happen at the show. I must have a gardian angel keeping my wardrobe from malfunctioning at the worst time.

TMcG said...

Ha Ha!
Wardrobe malfunctions don't seem to be that common on the CBC so I'm sure it would be a welcome change for the Canadian censors!

Barbara said...

I don't think 'The Hour' censors anything!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

aha! partially nude photo from Monica?

Barbara said...

You got it! I don't censor 'much' either. As long as it's not of me...

Barbara said...

You may have noticed I changed the pic. of George to 'colouring book mode'. To save George's modesty.