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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

let's just enjoy the sunset

This is one reason I have the katkam link. Beautiful Vancouver!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

wow, what an amazing sky! (what's a katkam?)

Ocean said...

Very Pretty Picture. I bet the sunrise are great too.

Barbara said...

Katkam is a Cam looking over Burrard Bridge in Vancouver. It is a sight I was attracted to because my late boyfriend used to live in Vancouver for 8 of his adult years. It's a city I have never been to but many of his best stories are in Vancouver. He was an exterminator in Vancouver and saw it's bug infested underbelly. It's rat infested grain elevators.
God I miss his stories. His customers loved him. He would teach them everything they needed to know about bugs but were afraid to ask. When he came back to Montreal he became a computer programmer looking for another type of bug. Good thing he did, because our company hired him and we met. How did I get on this subject?
Oh yeah katkam. From katkam I can see two of the buildings he used to live in. It's something I do to share a moment with him. If that makes any sense. I also like to see what a non winter looks like. It looks like rain.

Barbara said...

Ocean the cam is never facing the right way for a good sunrise.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's an amazing story Barbara. Thanks for sharing that. It must be very difficult for you sometimes, when you are remembering him.

Barbara said...

Remembering him is my pleasure he left me his stories, his encouragment and his musical taste. He left me the Three Dog Night cd along with The Carpenters and Joni Mitchell. You would have loved him. He could talk to everybody about music or anything else. He was a huge Simpsons fan. He quoted them often. The day he died (he died at 1:11am), that morning around 7am there were 'opening credit simpsons clouds' in the sky.
I swear to you he arranged that.