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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Personal confessions

This may change your good opinion of me (if that is what you had), but it's truth time.

I sell lotto tickets, but for the most part I don't buy them. I know in my heart that I am not going to win the big jackpot. That's just me. You go ahead and keep buying them.

I don't visit my sweetheart's grave site on a regular basis. It's not that it's a far drive. It's that he is not in that place. I don't feel him there. He is with me and with the people he loves and who love him.

I have not saved a dime for retirement. I guess I will have to work until I am 83.

If you expect me to call you....It's rare I remember to phone anyone. My cell phone does not even have minutes on it.

I like to sum things up, so here it is in one sentence.
The biggest truth is I am self centered and lazy, but I am almost never selfish.

You knew that about me already?
And you still call me friend

If that's a yes, than I thank you. If it's a, 'keep the truth to yourself I would rather have my illusions about you'. Too late! But thanks for having illusions about me! If it's a 'who is this chick?' than it begs the question. 'What are you doing reading my personal confessions?' Ah. It's all good!

Just being honest



Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think you just described me, actually. Plus I am not as nice as people think I am haha.
I don't buy lottery tickets either - a tax on the mathematically challenged, they are. Freedom 83, here we come!

Barbara said...

That's why I like you Barbara!
Do you think there is 'something in a name'?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I don't know - if I was a boy they were going to call me Bruce...

Jas Bhambra said...

I haven't saved a dime for retirement as well. I would be working till I turn 100...if I don't die before that!

I always think of buying lotto, but I never get down to it because I don't believe I am going to win it either! Moreover, I think it is my destiny to work zillion times harder to get anything!

Barbara said...

Well my plan is when I turn 83 and I am still working, I am going to retire and take up surfing the waves. Preferably in shark infested waters so I don't have to worry about finding a nice retirement home I can't afford.

Karen said...

"The biggest truth is I am self centered and lazy, but I am almost never selfish".
hey! I'm like that too! but I've never actually found a way to describe it before.

Barbara said...

hi Karen. Glad I could help. :-)

Ellee said...

Barbara, Thanks for sharing your confessions. I think we need to confess from time to time.
Now, it's my turn. Here goes:

I have thought about this, and I think I can sum up myself by saying that I am a high-strung perfectionistic, multi-tasking procrastinator. Yup, that pretty much says it all! I know it all doesn't add up, but that's me. I don't add up at all. Tant pis!

Barbara said...

Hi Ellee,
I think life sometimes does not give us a choice and we have to multitask and procrastinate just to get it all done. Good discription.