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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Why can't they sue?

Imagine you are walking along a field and a landmine goes off. You lose your legs in the blast. Can't you sue the landmine manufacturer? They sold it to whomever it was who planted it. A life threatening device! Why can't the victims of landmines sue? Why can't the companies that make weapons get their pants sued off? That company that makes pellet guns look like regular guns except for some paint for example.... Can't that father sue them for selling it? After all it made his son look more suspect....
If a woman can sue McD's for making hot coffee it seems a no brainer that we can sue weapons manufacturers for putting any humans life in danger. Hmmm what about suing video games manufacturers for training our youth in combat techniques. Or is that the parents fault?
If you were in a country that was economical dependent on those kinds of companies. They would lobby the politicians to protect their dangerous 'toys'. Now if you were that country you would want to test and use and sell those 'toys' as much as you could to support your economy. Do you even know you are on that merry-go-round? See my solution of suing the stuffings out of those company's may very well bring peace and perhaps temporary economic collapse. Unless they use those weapons to protect themselves.... Round and round we go.

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