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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Move to Toronto?

This is a picture of Old Montreal in the summertime.
I have lived on this Island all my life.
For too many reasons to name I love this place. Friends, family and a unique anglo subculture, within a blend of multiculture, within a unique French culture, within a wonderful Canadian culture. But
For so many reasons I imagine it would be easier for an anglo like myself to live in Ontario. In Quebec most of the good jobs go to the 100% bilingual or trilingual . In Ontario they are glad to hire people who can speak and write English and who have a working knowledge of French. I would not have to think about what language to start a conversation in. This may lead to having a good career. This may lead to talking to strangers more often. (Is that a good thing?) What if I lose my French? I speak French everyday but it is not a natural talent for me but I don't want to lose it. Wait, if I move I would lose my minority as an anglo status! Unless you consider Quebecers in Ontario a minority group. naaaa
Me being happy is not the problem. It's deciding what I really want, and what the ripple effect would be. I wish life would just give me what I want without me deciding what that is, but it does not usually work that way.

be decisive

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