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Thursday, January 05, 2006

West Virginian Mine accident

One thing I do is watch the news. I was watching the CNN coverage of the Sago mine accident. On Monday night at 9:44pm EST I asked myself 'if I was phychic' what would I feel about what is going on in the mine now with the miners at this time? My imagination told me two things. One is that Angels were very busy working on it. Second thing was it was very very quiet in the mine at that time.
On Tuesday night I was watching CNN again and at 11:11 pm I prayed for those miners and their families. I imagined that I was in the mine and kissed one miner on the forehead and told him "it's time to wake up!". I did not interpret that in any way at that time. It was maybe half an hour later that they were told 12 were alive... I watched the whole story unfold til 4am.... It was at 2:22 that I felt that thing were unfolding exactly as they were meant to. Was it after that that they corrected the information that they had gave to the families? If my instincts are in any way correct then things really did happen as they did for reasons.... I pray for all involved and thank all the "earth angels" ie the mine 'draeger men' the other rescue workers, the other volunteers who gave soup and support to the families also the media were angels as well (my favorite media angel being Anderson Cooper). I can't blame them for getting the story wrong because that is how it played out. Lessons here... Forgiveness, love, faith and gratitude and patience.
There is life after life and those 12 souls do continue on. They are not lost forever.

be love
Barbara Wheeland

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