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Monday, January 30, 2006

Later that day

Feb 13th Update! Pictures of the victim and the monster. I lent out my digital so this pic was taken on a accident kit throw away camera... Sorry about the quality.


I am back from driving over to the Hyundai dealer to have then take a look at my car damage. It is so embarrassing to be driving without my back bumper. It feels like I am out in public without the back of my pants. It's when you are driving that damaged car that you recall judging people because of the damage on their car. I admit to being judgmental.
I used to think, no bumper screams "bad driver". I have to drive the car this way until Thursday.
What comes around goes around...
My lesson
be non-judgmental


Dee said...

no front bumper = bad driver

back back bumper = met up with bad driver!

I hope your snow removal company gives you a discount!

Barbara said...
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Barbara said...

They are not getting another contract. That is for sure.

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Barbara said...

what are you saying? I have wrinkles? I don't care 'bout wrinkles. thanks anyway.

Evelyne said...
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