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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Trying to be mature about getting older

A grey hair found this morning set the theme for my day. You are as young as you feel. Right?
Well today standing all day hurt my back. I was looking at my not so smooth skin on my fingers and asking when did that happen? I tried some anti-wrinkle samples on two of my fingers and compared them with my other fingers. I conclude that wrinkle cream is a placebo for desparate people .
I am going to be mature about getting older. I have my health. I have lots of energy. My sandy hair hides the one (or two) grey hairs.... lol My back will feel better after a good nights sleep. I can always date a younger guy. That should help in the 'aging' process. One more bit of comfort is I will always be my parents youngest child.

Be young at heart
Barbara Wheeland

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