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Monday, June 19, 2006

When you are 40 the bad medical tests start

Ok now I feel like swearing. I just got back from the doctors with a lists of tests I have to have, just because I am 40 now.
Blood tests I can handle, there is very little fear on that account and I don't have to study nothing. It's the mammography screening I am not looking forward to. I hear it's like having your boobs slammed in a garage door. If that is true I hope they won't mind me using a few blue words while they do that. I don't want to even talk about other tests I have to take. This was truly a day I needed that Tim Hortons ice cap on the way home.
Now wouldn't that make a good Tim Hortons commercial?

I think I will go feel sorry for myself.
Excuse me if you have bigger problems.



Judie said...

I'm going on the 27th of this month. We can commiserate together. This will be the 1st time for me and my Dr told me "don't freak' if they call you back to re do the mammogram it's very common with first've been warned....

Barbara said...

My appointment is July 26th, so that is one month after you. You can tell me how bad it was. Good thing BC does not run in our family.
I hear you just went to a wedding, then a soccer game... LOL

judie said...

not me. I wasn't at the wedding! Taylor and Miles and 2 of Molly's friends were witness to the event. it was a very small wedding. I didn't go to the soccer game either. You need better sources.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Mammograms aren't really all that bad. It's more like having the girls slowly compressed in a vise. There is no slamming involved.
The techs tell me that larger-breasted women have an easier time of it, and I told her that I imaged that droopy-breasted women had the easiest time of all.

Barbara said...

Judie you know who my source is and how he likes to make the story more interesting.

Barbara B. Good thing my girls are big then.

Alana said...

LOL, droopy-breasted women. Eeech! I'm not looking forward to the day I have to get one of those done, my sister (who's had breast cancer) says they are excruciating tests, but then again, as BarbB pointed out, she's pretty tiny in the boob department.

Either way, good luck Barbara. I hope you have very large, droopy boobs. :P I mean that in the nicest way, lol.

Barbara said...

*sigh* I never said the girls are droopy. Now can we change the subject?

AndysGirl said...

Hey Barbara - changing subject. Haven't seen you at the Funhouse lately so I thought I'd drop by and say hi. Hope you're good!

Barbara said...

Thank you andysgirl, for changing the subject. I have bene busy with work and my two blogs, but I did visit the funhouse yesterday but it seems like the same conversation is happening now that happened the last time I was over and I had nothing new to contribute.
I turned on AC 360 and he was talking about the mexican border and North Korea and crime in New Orleans and showing the same kind of things he has shown before. I feel like I am in a time loop and have been there before. Maybe it's just me.

judie said...

Ok - I had my appt today. Wear 2 pieces, you have to wash off your any anti-perspirant- so bring some if you have to be somewhere else afterwards.

Don't wear heels, cause you'll already be uncomfortable!

So the slamming of a door is not really the feeling- it's more of a slower pressure-
Hold your breath and don't breathe or they'll make you do it again-

They take 4 images- 2 on each side.

The womn who was my tech was names Andrea " Hi, my name is Andrea and I will be your technician" just like a waiter at a good restaurant!

Nothing to worry about- takes about 5 minutes- Most of the time is positioning- then only a few seconds of strong pressure when you need to hold your breath.

Barbara said...

Thanks for letting me know. That does not sound as bad as the ultrasound test where you have to drink a litre of water, hold it an hour so your bladder is extra full then have them prod your belly 'til it's unbearable. That test really sucks.

W said...

haha tim hortons commercial...hahaha!

bacon sausage ham!