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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Have I ever complained about work?

I am grateful to have a job. I count myself lucky that it's close by. I can drive, ride my bike or walk if I wanted to. Without going into details my job is all about a million retail details. I don't need to go to a gym, I get my workout at work. I have even lost a lot of weight since I was promoted. In other words I do a lot more running around. The only thing I dread about my job, well two things really is, One day sales and bus pass week. Today is a one day sale. *sigh*

be brave


Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's right - you never have complained about your job. Makes me look like a complainer-head!

Good luck with the sale day!

Have a ice cap on the way home?

Barbara said...

I wish I had thought of picking up an ice cap!! It was worse than I imagined it would be, but I kept on humming along.
No rainchecks!