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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Happy St Jean!

It's a holiday in Quebec.
What am I doing to celebrate? Working.
I got my holiday day on Tuesday instead. It allowed me to have three days off in a row. The same thing happens next week. I get this Sun. Mon. and Tues. off but work on Canada day as well.
I feel like I am out of step with all the rest of the community. I will have to catch the fireworks show at the Old Port on another day to make up for all the fireworks I am missing...
It's also Grand Prix weekend in Montreal. That brings tourists. Lots of rich tourists. I saw one lady that was dressed up in black and white, and looking like a barbie doll with all the plastic surgery that requires. I was thinking, wow you only see people like that on Grand Prix weekend.

Montreal has it's own home grown rich crowd but you can just tell the difference somehow.

Madonna is also in town this week. My boss went to see her in concert. She loved the two hour show. She tells me that there was a lot of acrobatics this time around, instead of dancers, there were circus performers. Wonder where Madonna got that idea from. It was a great two hour for the fans, but no encores. No encores? Is that legal?

I was just thinking, maybe that Barbie lady was one of the Madonna circus performers...

Have a great weekend. Even if it's not a holiday weekend for you.
Happy St Jean for my fellow Quebecers.

Next weekend, I am wishing you all a happy Canada Day!!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Was the Barbie lady able to stand up? Because my Barbie never could. Just curious.

What a drag about your working all those holidays. The exact same thing happens to my oldest sister all the time. She works in a drugstore as well. I sense a conspiracy here.

Still, Happy St Jean Baptiste to you!

Evelyne said...

If you go at La Ronde during the week before the Grand Prix, you'll see a lot of rich tourists... and a lot of them are dressed in Ferrari clothes.

Happy St-Jean, and fireworks at the Old Port are amazing, you have to go to catch up the ones you missed!

Caryn said...

Sorry you had to work! Hope next weekend is better.

Barbara said...

Well I had today off and I spent it in Old Montreal videotaping .... now if I can only figure out how to get it downloaded to my computer then get it on my blog. This may take a few days.

Becky said...

I love the fireworks in Montreal! I went when I was 6... they're amazing! Your so lucky that you get to see them every year!
I really dislike Madonna (hate is a strong word)... she's so full of it! Like when she was on 'Ellen' she asked what she was supposed to do, because she musn't watch TV, and she's never seen the show! You don't say that to the talk show host while on the show!
Anyway... I kind of missed the St Jean Baptiste boat, but happy (upcoming) Canada day!