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Sunday, June 18, 2006

It's a Leo thing

I just wanted to talk about myself. It's a Leo thing. I am not even sure I believe in the whole horoscope sign scenario but It's a strange coincidence there are three people at my work born on August 19th including me. Out of 30-35 people that is a lot. I get along very well with people born around my b-day. I get along pretty well with many people. Being in retail, I need to be good with the public. The other two who share my birthday also do very well with the public.
My late boyfriend was also a Leo, born Aug 22. He had a best friend as well, who was born Aug 19th. He and I clicked so naturally I did not even know what was happening.
God I miss him.

Back to the Leo theory. If I get along so well with Leos I should, if I was looking to date again, date a man born round my birthday. Or is that being to exclusive? I am not even sure I am ready to date again. I'll have to think about this more...

It now makes total sense to me why I am a Stroumboulopouli though. George Stroumboulopoulos was born Aug 16th. He and I get along fine.

'nuff about me


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Three Aug 19 birthdays at one workplace? That's almost absurd!

I thought people were supposed to get along better with people from other signs, but then I know less than nothing about astrology.

Don't limit yourself to August men!

Me said...

Does your workplace have an "August Birthdays Only" hiring policy??? Odd.

OT - Could you do another quick reading for me re: game 7???? I'm going insane over here!!!!

Barbara said...

I know Barbara B it's like they see that the applicant was born aug 19 and it's auto-hire.

Karen are you sure you want to know?
I thought I told you that they would get to game seven but...

Should I go tell you on your blog?

yeah, in person would be best.

Me said...

Thanks B! I got both posts...should be a VERY interesting game. Now I'm not quite so worried about someone getting injured! You rock, sista.