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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Should I stay or should I go now?

I may need to get into full throttle if I move to Toronto this year.
I will need the extra energy just to fill out all the paperwork.
So many things to decide...

If I go,
what will I bring,
my car,
my thing(s)?

If this happens,
how much I'll miss,
your hug,
your company,
your kiss!

Montreal is my Island
she has been my cradle,
my school,
my park,
Beautiful and safe,
in daylight and in dark.

My future is possibilities ,
it's opened with no fear,
Lessons learned,
and love that has strengthened,
will serve me in this year.


Allison said...

Energy drinks scare me a bit...that bottle seemed very threatening...I like my drinks submissive.

So thinking about moving? Is it a work decision? (that's really the only reason most ppl move to TO ;) ) I have never been to Montreal, so I can't compare. But I find (having lived in a big, strange city for the past 2 summers, knowing literally 1 person at first) its alright as long as you have a form of family, friends a little sense of familarity with you.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

"I like my drinks submissive" hahaha Allison, you rule -I am quoting you tonight!

That is a huge decision to make, though BW. I don't envy you. Changing cities can be hard but doesn't have to be. I loved London immediately after leaving Winnipeg, but I think that make it extra hard to move to Calgary. which I hated for the first year or so. Tough choices.

judie (barb's sis in TO) said...

I hated Toronto for 5 or 6 yrs, that was 20 years ago! it's changed alot and you would have family here.....

Allison said...

aw...thanks Barbara B, i feel special ;)

Barbara said...

I do like the can design. It looks like something I would draw.
I would move to Toronto for work and for play and for family. Allison, You have never been to Montreal?? You need to experience Montreal with all your senses. It's unique.
I have only been to Quebec city once and I am only 2 1/2 hours away, but once I went I looooved it. It's more beautiful but smaller than Montreal. I recommend a tour of both if you ever get the chance.
Barbara B. I am almost ready to decide...this close in fact.

Evelyne said...

Please Barbara, don't drink that... I mean, we worked on energy drinks on a chemisrty class and we found a lot of caffeine, and at the open house we show to the kids what we did and we drink the bottles we did not used... I can tell you that it was really hard to sleep that night (i went to bed at 2am that night) by the way Monster and Red Bull are the one with the coolest taste... but if you need to stay awake, it's pretty good.

Barbara said...

Well I only tried it once. I don't drink soft drinks anymore. I prefer coffee or water. But if I do need to stay up all night for a party that would be my choice.

She's Crafty said...

I am a red bull girl myself. Like I've said before, I think caffeine may have replaced all of the water in my blood stream. I am not joking. I can have a cup of coffee at any time of day and go to bed, sick huh!
As for moving to TO, I say, if the time is right for new and exciting things...go for it beautiful!
Two places in Canada that are top of the list to see are TO and Montreal. (I have friends that swear I should live there). I have never left BC so the east coast seems like another world. Although, going to school, almost everyone I made friends with was from Ontario. Does that mean something I don't know about, I always thought it was weird.

Barbara said...

I have never been to Vancouver but I look at it on the katkam almost every day thinking one day I will go...
My late bf lived in Vancouver for 8 years as an adult before moving back to Montreal. He used to tell me all about it. It's like a legend in my mind.

She's Crafty said...

I used to tease all my friends about TO, that I never had to go there b/c all the cool people were here (except George of course, although he's done some time here in BC too!). I feel a good connection there. Hope you figure out what you want to do. I wish I still had the kind of freedom to move like that.

Barbara said...

OMG I just decided. I am going to give Toronto a try. I may have a week long job in mid August to start me off. I am going to stick around and see what Toronto has to offer me.
wish me luck.
This changes everything!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Really! What fun! In many ways you are quite fortunate to have this opportunity to make these changes. Now that you have decided - go for it!!!!

Barbara said...

Thanks Barbara B. I may be crying on your blog shoulder in the coming weeks but I am going to do this!

Becky said...

My goodness y'all have to travel!
Love that quote Allison! :D
Everyone to seems TO at first. I did the first time I visited, but now I love it! I know you will love it too, Barbara (and you've seem to have already gotten over the hating it phase, lol)!