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Friday, July 28, 2006

Less blogging more packing

I got home last night all ready to get working on move preparations.
I did a little work on sorting stuff, then took a little break to blog. That's my mistake!
I found a message on the ABC message board that said The One was cancelled. I did not believe it. I had to dig farther. I looked all over the net for official word. I emailed a few people, I went back to that message board a few times. Each time I went back the evidence was adding up.
I feel so bad for George and for everyone involved in the production of the show. I got Austin Carrolls myspace address before the message board for The One closed it's doors. Last night's research on this news was like watching a house of cards fall. I had to put the sad news on the Stroumboulopouli . But even after that I could not look away from the net. Tonight after work that's it, no blogging just preparation for my move and I will mind my own business for a change.



Barbara Bruederlin said...

I don't really see this calcellation being about George at all, BW. He just happened to get involved in a show that was too much like too many other shows in a saturated market.

Barbara said...

MySpace is making it easier for me by telling me I closed my account or it was closed for me...
Well that does free up some time.
I just wish I could stop worring that it was something I did or just some myspace glitch.

Yes Barbara B. the inside the cbc blog agrees with you on that.
I do too. I just wish it wasn't so.

She's Crafty said...

I'm sad about the show being over and sorry for George that ABC fck'd him over, along with all of the contestants.
As for myspace, all I could think was omg! George is pissed and has cancelled his account and taken the Stroumboulopouli (who have chosen to be on myspace!) with him. I felt abandoned! I am sure things will be up and running again soon , apparently accounts have not actually been cancelled if the profile photos are still up, so we must all be safe!

Barbara, pack quick, we'll miss ur blogging. Get back to us soon!

Barbara said...

Packed up and took the stroumboulopouli with
I am rolling on the floor. I have a picture in my mind of George as Santa and the stroumboulopouli as his little elves.... ok maybe I am a little tired...
I just got home from work. I should not be blogging... just checking emails yeah. thats all I am doing.
You didn't see me.