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Sunday, July 23, 2006

If you had told me a year ago...

If you had told me a year ago:
1)That I would have a blog called 'trying to be...'
2)That I would have a second blog with 6 other women aross the country called 'The Stroumboulopouli'
3)That, that blog would be a fan blog dedicated to George Stroumboulopoulos and The Hour
4)That I would be moving to Toronto just before my 41st birthday.

I would have said to you...
What is a blog? What would I mean by "trying to be..."?
Who is George Stroumboulopoulos? What is The Hour?
Why would I have a fan blogamthingy with people I never met about someone I have never heard of?
The only thing I would think was likely was the moving to Toronto part.

be brave


TMcG said...

Wow! That is big news!

Congrats on taking the plunge and making a move.

Evelyne said...

It's quite impressive to see how someone can change or get interested in a lot of new things during one year!
Congrats on moving to TO, hope you'll enjoy it (I'm sure you will, it's such a cool city)

Barbara said...

Thank you both. It is a hugh step for me seeing as I have never lived off The island of Montreal.
I have never had to drive 6 hours away by myself never mind moving 6 hours away... But I really like Toronto I hope it will be as much fun to live in as it is to visit.
People move to Toronto everyday right? OK that trend may be passé I think the new trend is Calgary. Oh well I was never very trendy.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's amazing what changes a year can see. You are off on the adventure of a lifetime! You are going to love it, I think.

Barbara said...

If you had told me 3 months ago that I would be applying to The Hour for a job. I would not have believed you. I knew they were hiring back then. But it was for writers and producers etc. It was only 2 weeks ago that the perfect job for me at The Hour was described. I am not counting on it but it helps to be there when and if... you know. I am keeping my options wide open.

Becky said...

Don't worry, T.O. is trendier than Calgary. (Sorry Barbara B and Jas and Hilary! I like Calgary, I really do... I just like Toronto better. Don't hurt me!)
I'll finally know someone who lives there other than my sister's fashion photographer friend (who, incidentally, moved to Toronto from Calgary)...
Anyway, don't mind my rambling... Congrats!!!

She's Crafty said...

My fingers are crossed for you. Everything happens for a reason.
What is meant to be will be, for the moment anyway. I really wish you the best.
I have tendency to be consumed by everything that I am "into", so it is no surprise to any one around me when I "get into" something new.
Good for you. I would have never guessed that I would even get a quarter of what I understand using my "new/used" computer.
You seem like a fast learner. I think you will do swell in TO.