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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Montreal Jazz Fest.

Play it with all your heart.

Dance like nobody is watching or like you are high on folk music . (no that's not me)

Sitting all mellow at the Jazz Fest. Best part is my friends smile!

Drum beats part 1

Drum beats part 2

Drum beats part 3

Drum beats part 4

Enjoy the music!


Allison said...

Looks like it was fun. Vancouver just had the Jazz Festival last week, I'm not really one for jazz music, but it was nice to walk downtown and here music playing!

Barbara said...

Did a lot of guy watching too. I think that was the best part!

Jas Bhambra said...

LOL@ Guy watching. That is the best part of it all, Barbara.

I wish I could be there for the festival. I love listening to live Jazz. I've had the opportunity of listening to live Jazz in New Orleans a number of times..

chris said...

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Looks like you had great weather for it as well. Enjoy!

Barbara said...

Wecome Bacj Barbara B. Yes we had great weather and no pesky mosquitos.
I think I will go back on Sunday.
Jas, you got to hear it New Orleans? Now that is cool. It's so sad it will never be the same.
Chris this is a non commercial blog my friend. I like to keep it as amature as possible. lol

She's Crafty said...

Ahh...the jazz fests, and great summer tunes. I haven't been to a jazz fest since I lived in Nelson. I would have liked to have seen Surge Jorge at the jazz fest in Vancouver. (He is featured in and his music is throughout the movie LIFE AQUATIC).
I had big hopes of going to see Feist at the Vancouver Folk Fest next weekend, but I don't know yet. It was supposed to be my 3 year old daughter's first concert.
We were going to be going with my girlfriend and her two children, but I don't know if she is going to get it together to go and I didn't make alternative arrangements. We shall see.

Alana said...

That's really cool Barbara! I've wanted to go to a jazz festival for awhile now, I've been hearing the most amazing things about them, it sounds like such a fantastic experience.

And NICE to guy watching. I didn't get to do too much of that this weekend given everyone was a relative, but I DID get to see three super hot and shirtless dudes at the beach on Saturday. That was great.

Glad you enjoyed yourself!